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With the changing of the seasons, there is also a reminder that the year is coming to an end. The good news is the The Beauty and Wellbeing Expo will be taking place from the 26th till the 27th of October, and it promises to help you get into shape and ready for that long awaited December holiday.

Every season comes with its own imperfections, but, spring ìs associated with a variety of hair- and skin problems due to the inconsistent temperatures. There is already your first good reason to attend this years’ Beauty and Wellbeing Expo.

They will be showcasing some of the latest products and giving tips on how to take care of your sun deprived skin, split ends and overall health.  Countless general wellbeing, fitness and medical experts across the industry will be included in this highly sought-after expo.

Organizer of The Beauty and Wellbeing Expo, Phillip Wood says: “With an impressive list of well-known brands in our four categories (Hair and Beauty, Fitness, Health and Nutrition, Spa and Medial Aesthetics), the show is sure to be an impressive and impeccable display of what this industry entails.”

There are a number of factors that play a vital role in finding your desired springtime look and feel. Your diet determines a lot when it comes to the health of your hair and skin (not only during springtime). Hair problems are one of the most common problems found in both men and women during this time of year and that is why The Beauty and Wellbeing Expo will make sure that you understand the importance of an overall healthy wellbeing.

The Beauty and Wellbeing Expo takes place at the Gallagher Convention Centre and tickets are available at www.webtickets.com. Prices range from R95 per adult, R65 for students (including children under the age of sixteen and pensioners), and R275 for a family ticket (two adults and two children under the age of sixteen). Tickets will also be available at the door.

For more information regarding the expo, make sure you pay their website a visit. Head on over to their Facebook Page and give them a follow on Twitter.

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