Let Junk Mail Tell Your Story with Banners

Junk Mail has experienced nearly 20 years of innovation and welcomes you all to be a part of the next era of success. Many of you witnessed the pinnacle moment when Junk Mail went online. Others may recall the moment our online adverts became FREE. The rest of you are gratetful for even more social integration on our website, that allows your adverts to be sent to MXit and shared on Facebook. We continue to connect both buyers and sellers, share conversations, endorse stories and promote pictographic tales.

Junk Mail is so much more than a FREE classifieds website. Junk Mail is a community where you tell your story and more than 1 million visitors get to share in that story. You are the masters of the buying and selling world and Junk Mail makes sure that your story has its own window to capture the public eye.

With more than 40,000 people placing FREE adverts on the Junk Mail weekly it is very clear that the competition is stiff. For this reason we offer various online advertising options, to bring more prospective customers to your items on sale and drive more buyers to your business. These online banners allow more people to see your individual story more often.

Let us tell your story better! Why not try one of the following storyboard options:

  • Secure your space on the Junk Mail website
    • Banner (468 x 60 pixels)
    • Button (120 x 240 pixels)
    • Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels)
  • Let us tell your story on Google
    • Banner set-up
    • Daily management
    • Reporting (weekly / monthly)
  • We can make you appear on Facebook
    • Banner set-up
    • Daily management
    • Reporting
  • Everyone has a mobile phone and your story should be mobile too
    • Your banner on a mobi site

If you are interested in improving your brand awareness by using banner adverts to get your story out there, then make sure you speak to one of our experts. Our storyboard banner expert, Stephanie Walters, would love to meet your needs. To find out more please contact Stephanie on stephaniew@junkmail.co.za or 012 432 2500.

For more information on the latest new services on Junk Mail, click on one of the stories below:

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  1. Thanks to JunkMail we can share our products to the Public…. Keep up the good work JunkMail

  2. Grant says:

    Please contact me on 0833885112 or my email with details.

    • admin says:

      Hi Grant. Thanks for your interest. Someone from our Sales department will continue you during the course of the morning

  3. Roelof says:

    Lowrey orrel baie netjies te koop virR500 verhuis Mosselbaai to

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