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Whether your home has a modern or traditional style, chandeliers can make a stunning addition to your décor. Lights are a vital consideration when you are decorating the interior of your house. While light fittings can be boring, a chandelier adds an elegant ambiance to any room. With their stylish design and practical function it is easy to see why chandeliers are a popular choice. You can sell your fittings or find chandeliers for sale on Junk Mail. Here are some tips and tricks to choosing the right one for your home.


Tips and tricks for choosing a chandelier

When you are choosing a chandelier for your home there are many different aspects to consider. Firstly, you will need to choose one that is the right size for the room which you plan to install it in. Your light fittings should enhance the elegant décor of your room and if you pick one that is the incorrect size it can have the opposite effect. Take into account the height of the ceiling, size of the room as well as the design of the fitting when you are making this decision. The style of the chandelier for sale is another important consideration. The fittings should be harmonious with the overall theme of your room. If your room has a traditional ambiance, opt for chandeliers which incorporate decorative details. Basic styles are best suited to interiors which have modern décor.


From kitchens to bathrooms, there are plenty of applications for chandeliers. You can even use mini chandeliers to illuminate your walk-in closet. Chandeliers are a great addition to your home as they are both decorative and functional. More expensive chandeliers add to the value of your property which makes them a great investment. While these types of light fittings are suitable to different rooms, it is important to consider where your chandelier will be placed when you are looking at chandeliers for sale.


When you are buying a chandelier make sure you get the right bulbs. Clear bulbs are great for fittings where the bulbs are bare, however frosted bulbs are best for those with linen shades. The weight of the fitting should also be taken into consideration as heavier fittings are more complicated to install. Buying a chandelier with multi-tone finishes will give a contemporary feel to your room. You can buy chandeliers from a variety of different materials including brass, wrought iron and aluminium. The fitting that you choose will depend on the style of the room as well as the effect that you want to create. Your budget will also influence your decision.


DIY Ideas for chandeliers

If you love DIY projects, why not restore an old chandelier? Not only is this a fun activity, it is also a cost effective option. Creating an attractive light fitting from an antique chandelier gives you the opportunity to be creative. You can also adjust the fitting according to your personal style as well as the design of the room. Revamping older chandeliers is easy if you use spray paint. You can add decorative details to your antique by adding tracing paper to the glass and then hand painting on it designs. Another great idea is to add beads to your chandelier for a unique look. If you don’t want to add paint to your light fittings, you can upcycle antique chandeliers by creating new shades from fabric and crystals. Adding crystals to your fitting is a simple way to create an elegant and eye-catching light fixture.


Chandeliers for sale on Junk Mail

Take a look at some of the chandeliers for sale that you can find on Junk Mail. Buying second hand is a great way to save money. Not only can you get more for less, you can also find light fittings which are perfect for DIY projects. When you are choosing a chandelier make sure that you take into account its size, style and cost.


Wrought Iron Chandelier

You can find a wrought iron fitting for sale on Junk Mail. This stylish chandelier has eight lights. It is priced at R 3000.


Vintage Chandelier

A vintage chandelier for sale can be found online. It is available from the Western Cape. This beautiful chandelier is in good condition. It is priced at R350.



A Chandelier is for sale in Rustenburg. This elegant light fitting is available for R 6000. Its value if bought new is R12 000.


Antique Chandelier

You can find an antique chandelier for sale online. This light fitting has eight LED lights. It is available from Pretoria East for R 2800.


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