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Junk Mail’s Trader Directory is the way to go for your business advertising needs!listbus

We bring you  more value and exposure for your business, AT NO COST!

If you list your business for FREE on Junk Mail, you:

  • Receive a free mini website within Junk Mail for your business
  • Can manage your own site via our new Trader Admin tools
  • Sell even faster with our online business solution

What will your website/homepage look like? It will display:

  1. A description of your business
  2. Your contact details
  3. The latest ads you have on Junk Mail
  4. A link to the products you have in stock







So if you haven’t yet, sign up today for your FREE Trader Account on Junk Mail!

Saskia Meintjes

Hyperactive, extremely realistic and addicted to reading can best describe me. Life is all about the good memories and sitting around will not create them.

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