Looking for a job in SEO?

SEO Jobs at Junk MailAre you a superhero online and know how to tickle the belly of Google? If yes, then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

If you are reading this post then you should already know what SEO is. For those who don’t, Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a webpage in a search engine’s (Google) organic (natural) search results.

Now that we have that out of the way, you probably want to know more about these opportunities.

Junk Mail Publishing is looking for highly qualified and experienced individuals to join a very dynamic marketing team.

This hugely popular household brand is looking for three SEO Engineers and two SEO Link Builders to join forces in their head office in Pretoria.

The SEO Engineers at Junk Mail Publishing entails the following:

You have the opportunity to join a team of fifteen digital marketers. All of them are brilliant and experienced. You must have at least two years direct experience in SEO with some striking stats to prove your worth.

We are looking for someone who is passionate and someone who will be able to shine positive rays at work. In other words, someone with the right attitude.

When applying, please note that you have to include the three questions located over here with your application papers.

The SEO Link Builders’ job will be as follow:

You will work with our very highly experienced Head of SEO. Your main aim will be to increase our website’s ranking for the various categories that we have to offer. You will need to drive millions of users per year to our various websites.

You will be responsible for the full-cycle of link-building initiatives such as planning, coordinating, executing, tracking, analysing, and lastly repeating.

For the full job spec, please have a look over here.

We hope to hear from you all soon!

Heinrich van den Worm

Head of Social and Media Strategist @AVATAR_ZA | Went barefoot for a year for charity | Not a guru | Compadre

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  1. Ned Dillie says:

    They know that you have excellent recruiting power, so they desire you to be in their downline position to build an organization for them as fast as possible. Frequent Updates ‘ Social networking sites allow participants to post status updates, submit links to share with others, and to interact with others in the community. 2) A strong focus on Personal Development and
    growing as a person.

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