Make a statement by choosing the right gates for your home

Finding beautifully designed gates for sale that are both functional and beautiful are easy. Walking down the street these days, you will find it difficult to spot a home without at least one gate. Whether it is an electric sliding gate, or retractable security gates, gates and other security features have become a part of our daily lives and, with this, people have become more and more creative.


Today we look at some of the advantages of security gates, the different types that can help you make a statement and we give you a couple of handy tips to keep in mind if you are deciding to build your own gate.

The Advantages of a Security Gate

The first advantage of security gates – be it at your front door or the entrance of your driveway – is that it offers a form of security. Opting for a hard material type – like steel – will also ensure that, with the correct maintenance, your gate will remain strong and in place. Gates form part of your overall security setup and plays an important part in home security.


Safety and peace of mind is another advantage of a well-placed gate. From your driveway to the front door, a gate not only works to keep people out, but keeps wandering children and pets in. With a gate barring entrance and exit – at doors, around swimming areas and even your driveway – you can rest a little more assured that your children cannot leave the safety of your home and get themselves into dangerous situations.

In terms of security, many families also opt to install a gate to divide the bedrooms from the rest of the house. This is usually done in hallways where retractable security gates work beautifully.


Gates fitted with electric gate motors are a convenient security feature to add to your home. Finding gate motors for sale can add a touch of both security and convenience to your home. A driveway security gate fitted with a motor allows you to enter and exit your property without having to physically leave your vehicle. This is not only a convenience feature, but a safety one as well.


A security feature like a gate is always seen as a bonus for a property. From retractable security gates wisely placed at doorways, to a motorised gate at the driveway entrance, adding features such as these to your home will most definitely add value.


Depending on the design and style you choose, a gate can add an aesthetic touch to your home. With modern steel designs and sturdy wooden designs, choosing an aesthetically appealing gate will add a touch of beauty to your home.

Different types of Gates

There are a number of different gate types to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and applications. Note that this list contains types that are appropriate for doorways and driveways, with some finding application in both instances.


Sliding Gates

As its name suggests, this type of gate slides open. One of the more popular choices, these are usually found at driveways and usually fitted with electric gate motors. Note that for the installation of this type of gate, there should be enough room for the gate to move sideways.


Note that, for safety reasons, many homeowners choose to camp off their swimming pool areas. This is done with a wide variety of material, some choosing to opt for palisades and a smaller version of sliding gates.

A Swing Gate

A Swing and a double Swing gate is a beautifully functional addition to any home. Opening like a door, this type of gate not only acts as a barrier, but adds a touch of style to your home. Great for places where there simply isn’t enough space for a sliding gate, make sure that they open away from the street or, if they do open towards the street, that there is still enough room for passer-by’s to pass safely.


It can be fitted with electric gate motors or manually operated.

A Swing gate also work beautifully at doorways and around gated-off areas (like the pool for example).

Retractable Security Gates

Used in a number of places in and around the home – from the hallway to the stoep – retractable security gates are perfect if you have limited space. These gate styles also work beautifully if want a security solution that can be ‘folded up’ and ‘stored’ when not being used.


Image via Trellidor

A Vertical Pivot Gate

Following the movement of a boom gate, a vertical pivot gate is impressive. Imagine a palisade-like gate that, instead of gliding to the side, lifts much like a boom does. With stunning designs, these types of gates are fitted with electric gate motors to control its movement.


Like a swing gate, these types of gates for sale are great in instances where space is limited.

A Vertical Lift Gate

Used more in industrial applications, these designs entail the entire gate lifting up into the air, allowing a vehicle or person to pass underneath before lowering back down to the ground. A more striking design, these motorised features can also make a stunning addition to your driveway.


Modern designs to make a statement

Just because your gate is a security feature, it doesn’t mean that it can be modern and beautiful. There are tons of beautiful designs and ideas for just about every type of gate you can imagine.


Creative design ideas for swing gates

There is no reason why a swing gate should take on a boring look. From creating beautiful shapes, to a simplistic yet stylish design, these security gates are not only there to keep the bad out, but do so with a touch of class.


Modern sliding gates

Sliding gates are popular in South Africa and it is quite easy to find this types of gate and gate motors for sale. There is also no need to stick with the same old tired design. You can choose from beautiful wood designs to help increase your privacy and home aesthetics, and even a heavy steel gate that is not only strong, but beautiful as well.


DIY Tips for making your own gate

Taking on this type of DIY project can look quite daunting, so we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a couple of top tips in case you do decide to rather build your own instead of finding gates for sale.


  1. Take accurate measurements. These measurements should be taken in terms of its ‘opening’ size, gliding or swing track, and its height (so that it doesn’t look out of sync with the rest of your fence). If you are building a security gate for a doorway, make sure that it will fit and there is enough room for the ‘swing’.
  2. Draw out your design. Create an accurate drawing with your measurements.
  3. Choose your material wisely. You can opt for steel or wood, but keep in mind the cost of the material as well as the maintenance costs involved. Remember to make triple sure of all your measurements as well as the design of your gate before cutting your material.
  4. When you do decide to build your own gate, remember to start with your frame. If the frame is accurate, you can move on from there. A complete frame will also allow you to see where you will need to add reinforcements to produce a sturdy gate.
  5. Remember to distribute the weight of your gate evenly. The way your gate opens (whether it is sliding or a swing gate) will also play a role.
  6. If you are building a swing gate, remember that your gate will rely on the hinges, so distribute the weight evenly and invest in high quality hinges.
  7. If you are thinking of adding electric gate motors to your driveway addition, be sure to take in the gate’s total weight into account.


If you are not the DIY type or just looking for gate motors for sale to upgrade your existing gate, be sure to visit With a number gates for sale, you are sure to find the perfect one – from retractable to sliding gates, Junk Mail has it all. Selling your gates? Sell it on Junk Mail by placing your FREE AD now!

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