March is Energy Month: Energy Saving Tips

Energy-saving-monthMarch is Energy Month in South Africa. We are all aware of how expensive Energy has become and the negative effects it has on the environment.

To help you save some much needed money and protect our beautiful country, we’ve put some Energy Saving Tips together on how to be part of this very important cause.

  1. Switch appliances like Televisions, DVD players, etc. off instead of leaving them on standby while you are not home.
  2. Use energy efficient bulbs instead of the standard household bulbs.
  3. Don’t fill the kettle to the top; rather just boil as much as you need. It is estimated we boil twice as much water as what we need.
  4. Air-dry your clothes instead of using the tumble dryer. Not only will you save on the electricity bill, your clothes will last longer.
  5. Turn down the temperature on which your washing machine washes; there is no need to wash at 40°C instead of 30°C.

By following these 5 simple steps mentioned above, you should save approximately 5% on your electricity bill. Use this as a starting point and eventually turn your entire house into an energy saving hub.

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2 Responses

  1. Losper says:

    Wind turbine power generation is largely underutilised. Could it be unavailability of knowledge or deliberate choice?

    • Martin says:

      For a country that has almost 100% sunshine very little is being offered to assist Eskom’s crisis. The poor get solar systems free, probably paid for by the high end user. Wind turbine power probably is a deliberate silence choice I think as I have never received info from govt sources on that kind of energy but have received flyers on solar energy at ridiculous costs. Can wind energy be used in the urban area?

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