Meet Morrie the Magnificent

We are referring to Morrie the Magnificent Maybe you are not a name person…. remember the girl on the balcony that was getting serenaded by Aladdin – that is her.

Morrie enjoys colliding thought with design, often making a theming spectacle of herself. Her imagination makes the pretty pictures we see on the web. We dub her our site sculpture, read below to find out why fantasia is her playground…


(1)   What cartoon character would have better handled the president Clinton impeachment? 

 I would have to say Pinocchio. It seems Clinton and Pinocchio have similar problems with telling the truth.

(2)   If you were a fine French wine who would you want to choke on you? (Living or dead persons)

Justin Beaver (Bieber)! Oh no wait he doesn’t even know what fine wine is and he is definitely not old enough to drink alcohol.

(3)   Make your own rhythm to define time?

Let’s see… a waltz is one two three, add a little spice and divide by 30 seconds and that equals “three two cha-cha-cha seconds in a minute”.

(4)   What animal best describes your mood on a Monday mornings? 

A lemur from Madagascar and self-proclaimed “Queen” – “Shush! We are hiding! Everyone be quiet, including me. Shhh! Who’s making that noise?! Oh, it’s me again.”

(5)   What makes you Morri-li-cious in one word?


(6)   If there is anything else out of the ordinary about you, that you think our users would like to know, please do share…  

 I’m obsessed with Pixar, I have every movie Pixar have made so far and it also includes all their short films and for those of you who really don’t know me I can’t create masterpieces without my iPod!

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s issue of ‘Meet the Junk Mail Team” Series. If you have not met the rest of the unlocked Junk~a~maniacs profiles, we ask that you please visit the below links to be swept away by our team:

Wonder which Junk~a~maniac will be released next week? Well, we can’t tell you… so you are just going to have to visit the Junk Mail Blog to find out who the next unlocked profile will be 🙂




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