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Yes, that’s right, Apple has introduced the new iPad Air 2 to the world yesterday. Their new iPad is currently the thinnest tablet in the world. It’s not only thinner and lighter but has a lot of improvements. The iPad air sequel was unveiled last night, just after the Google’s Nexus 6 big announcement.

The iPad Air 2 is not only thinned down, but also has upgraded graphics. This tablet is 6.1mm thin and weighs 437Grams. Thinner and lighter than ever before. It is 18% thinner than the iPad Air and almost feels as if you are holding nothing in your hands.

It has a smooth back with a 9.7 inch display that boasts a 264ppi display as its predecessor together with a zero air gap screen. This provides bright and clearer images as the anti-reflective coating reduces screen reflections by 56%.


The iPad Air 2 is the home for Apple’s new AX8 chip that was designed specifically for this tablet. It provides the CPU Performance for apps to be 40% faster and claims the graphics to 2.5 times faster. Games would be pretty awesome to play on this tablet because of Apple’s big performance chip. An M8 motion processor also resides in this tablet as well as a barometer. The iPad Air 2 not only comes with action packed features, but also with the new IOS 8.1, which is Apple’s latest operating system for its mobile versions.

The iPad Air 2, also has Apple’s new camera the iSight. This 8 MP camera has a 720p slo-mode video capabilities as well as a f/2.4 aperture plus 1080p video recording. The Auto HDR feature from the iPhone made its way to the iPad Air 2 with a burst or panorama mode and a macro mode.


The front camera or face time camera is also new, boasting a f/2.2 aperture which allows more light. This also includes a HD resolution with a built in HDR. This tablet has the Touch ID, which allows users to unlock the tablet.

The battery life of this iPad is up to 10 hours. There are new faster WIFI and LTE hidden within the tablet and supports 20 different LTE bands. There are plenty more new added features to the iPad Air 2, but as that old saying goes: “Seeing is believing…”

Check out this video revealing the iPad Air 2:

The iPad Air 2 will be making its way to shelves in 3 colors, silver, space gray and gold and in 3 sizes, 16GB, 64GB and 128GB and obviously in 3 different prices approximately ranging between R5 000 to R8 000. The iPad Air is available to pre-order on the online Apple store from today, 17th October 2014.

“The technology is jam packed in this incredibly thin and light package,” according to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

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