Meet Our Care Bear

Over the last couple weeks we have been showcasing our special Junk~a~Maniacs. I hope you have enjoyed the pleasure of getting to know us all a little better. At the beginning of the series we asked you to vote for your favourite Junk~a~Maniac and you have been waiting until this moment to find out who the winner is.

The answer is in the stars… the most favoured Junk~a~Maniac is none other than our Care Bear. Everyone needs a Care Bear afterall?

Our Junk Mail Webmaster is the hearts and stars of the Junk Mail team all rolled into one. She listens to your complaints, she shows you how to be the ruler of the Junk Mail site and most importantly she makes sure that each and every one of you remains happy all day long.

We interviewed our Care Bear to find out what makes her so bubbly and cheerful through out the day. This is your opportunity to find out why she loves to serve you – the Junk Mail fan. Even though she may seem like a mystical being at times, she is loving mom and extraordinary human who makes our world of Classifieds a better place

Junk Mail asked: If you could email any famous person, knowing for sure they would receive your message, who would it be?

Bobby van Jaarsveld

Junk Mail asked: Describe Pretoria as a cartoon character?

Speed Racer – For all the windgat drivers in Voortrekker road.

Junk Mail asked: What is your ultimate food for thought?

“If wishes were horses beggars would be choosers”

Junk Mail asked: If you were a Twitter #hashtag what would the sound byte be?

#LaughingBaby, coined by our very own Care Bear

Junk Mail asked: If you could be a teacher, what subject would you teach?

Typing. Typing is an interesting choice – the marvels of speed on the keyboard may have only become apparent to you once you watched the movie Hackers. This may remind you of the scene from Hackers when the super-hot Acid Burn (played by Angelia Jolie) sees Dade typing at snail’s pace. Acid Burn sarcastically says, “I hope you don’t type like you… (well you get the picture).”

I think our Care Bear has a point if you can’t type at clock breaking speeds how do you suppose you are going to get the girl in this day and age? So take it from our Care Bear and when your teacher offers you typing lessons you best be letting your fingers glide through your keyboard 😉

Junk Mail asked: If there is anything else out of the ordinary about you, that you think our users would like to know, please do share…

Well I’m a kind loving mother of 2 boys, one is 5 and my baby is 5 months now. I Love my family very much. I am dedicated to my work and LOVE to help our Junk Mail clients.

Feel free to check out the full Junk Mail Team by clicking on your favourite Junk~a~Maniac below:

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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2 Responses

  1. Yvan says:

    You guys have one big scam artist type in this nom on the search page for gauteng you will see i found out that more then 10 people have been scammed on your website and still you do nothing about this. This 0729268149 no have take 1500 from just me now. I wonder how many people have been scammed from Junk Mail

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Yvan – Thanks for letting us know about this. We will be removing the advert(s) and blocking the number involved. Please forward details of any potential scammers that you encounter on the Junk Mail website to We have warnings posted on this blog and the Junk Mail Help site to inform users about scams. Unfortunately scammers change their contact details regularly so it’s hard to track them.

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