Meet Our Google Banner Firecracker

Meet Esta… Our Google Banner Firecracker! Esta may look like a famous Hollywood model but she hails from the small beach town of Amanzimtoti in Kwazulu Natal. She left the coastal vibe to our Jacaranda boulevards in search of Google rated success. We dub her our Google banner firecracker as she makes our Adwords banners have that extra “BANG” and she also adds to our KA CHING $ CHING. We recently asked Esta what makes her go boom boom boom, for the full update read the exclusive interview below…

I hear you are more likely to survive a plane crash than click a banner ad, what are your thoughts?                              

Who gave those stats, an airline? Ha no way. I can’t agree with that. If that was the case then affiliate programs such as Google AdSense would not be profitable at all. And who can argue with a net worth of $112 million.

Yes, there is that movement of banner blindness, but if your banner is smart, appeals to your audience and is good quality you will get clicks. If we had to compare any form of Internet advertising with mass marketing via Radio, TV and the like, your communications efforts are way more targeted just by virtue of using the Internet to target your audiences. You would not for example have your banner on a car site, if you sell carpets and visa versa. In the long run banners can be great for brand awareness. Your services only appeal to users that you know for sure are interested in your product. Just make sure that your landing page is appealing enough to keep the user on your page. The loss of communications efforts are far less compared to mass marketing.

What supermodel do people confuse you with?

Normally they confuse Uma Thurman with me. haha

If you were a light bulb in an famous building where would you light up everyone’s life? 

I would be a light bulb in the Sistine Chapel. Art, reflecting creation, history and the inevitable human fall. It plays on human weaknesses with Adam and Eve’s fall and God’s mercy. It is both palatial and intricate. Pretty much like life. And an interesting way to be lighting the nations.

I hear you know how to diski dance, where do rate yourself on the diski chart?

Shakira eat your heart out. 10/10. Ha ha. Just kidding. I would say a 6/10. Maybe.

What makes Pretoria go ‘BANG’ in the night?

Drunk students and cops

If there is anything else out of the ordinary about you, that you think our users would like to know, please do share…

Well, I would like to do missionary work someday in mid-Africa. Spread Gods word and share His love. I tried to work with the United Nations and Red Cross once in Gabon, but my parents would not allow it since they felt I was too young and at that time there had been a huge civil war outbreak. But I think for me the simple things in life are what counts. We get so caught if in our rat race that we forget what to be grateful for.

That is all from our Google Banner Firecracker! What an inspiring Junk~a~maniac, wouldn’t you agree?

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