Meet The American

Meet our Project Manager by day and American dad by night. Ross graced our shores with his high management skill, and a penchant for office come-backs. Here’s the Project Managers view on things only marketing would ask.

Read the below interview to get the views from behind the scenes from The American:

Describe your time here in South Africa using one word…


Which American president to date would you choose to rule SA?

As a former graduate student in History, this is challenging. Almost every president had their short-comings (most were racist at some level and very few were otherwise moral paragons). Given the immense challenges faced by South Africa, I would choose Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt started his presidency in the middle of the great depression, but was able to successfully build coalitions who together radically improved the plight of the common citizen.

What do think is behind the doors of area 51?

The one ring.

What historic event would you have loved to Project Managed?

That’s a tough one. It’s definitely a toss-up between the painting of the Sistine Chapel (creativity versus power), the evacuation of Moscow in 1812 (a logistics nightmare that resulted in complete demoralisation of the enemy), and the rebuilding of Rotterdam after World War II (simply to prevent it from becoming the modernist monstrosity that it is).

If you could come back as a food what would you be?

Carne Asada or anything else on Rick Bayless’ menu (

Do you believe Popeye is the real Muscleman?

Popeye is a washed up strong man with a brain the size of a peanut. I prefer the Archimedes approach to strength.

If there is anything else out of the ordinary about you, that you think our users would like to know, please do share…

I am a huge sports fan, especially football (soccer) and basketball.  I love sailing.  When I have to do a lot of work very quickly, I put the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Version in the DVD player. It’s 12+ hours of audio splendor. My music collection is almost as eclectic as it comes: from classical to N.W.A. and everything in between.

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