Meet the Love Master…

Welcome to our mystery man of Love. We call him The Love Master others call him the Soul Mater, no matter how you magically met our Love Guru online… it is now time for him to shine. The Love Master is like super cupid manning the Love Mail website by making sure everyone finds their happy ending.

This interview brings you the exclusive into how singles should tackle the online dating scene straight from the Love Master himself…

What is your all-time favourite Romantic Comedy? 


How would you describe your alter-ego? 

 He is super outgoing, funny, ladies man, and the life of the party.

What is your best Twitter pick-up line?  

 I don’t use Twitter to pick up girls…. LOL Use Love Mail rather, that is a good platform for dating.

I hear more than 60% of Facebook users use the network to stalk on their ex, do you think this is true? 

 I agree, that is why i de-activated my Facebook account.

Have you ever met someone using an online dating site?

I have met most of my previous girlfriends using online dating.

Love Master, what words of advice would you give a struggling couple?

My advise is always be honest in your profile and you will meet the right person. If a profile is glamorized you are not likely to be the same person when you meet each other. Also upload a photo then you can see how the other person looks, sometimes you will get on like a house on fire online, but when you meet there is no attraction.

There you have it, out of the Love Master’s mouth. He is dedicated to his work and always willing to go the extra mile for a client. He likes it when a client understands what he’s explaining to them, that way he knows he has another satisfied client.

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