Meet the Master Of All: Oliver

We know that there is one of them in every cubicle in the country. You know… that brave man that is the Master of ALL. He is like a supersonic worker that despite the limitations of 8 hours of work time in a day, he still manages to do the job of at least three people, rescues cats from trees and is still home in time to tuck in the kids.

Meet our “Jack of all Trades” – His name is Oliver. Ask him a history question, Oliver knows. Ask him about friggatriskaidekaphobia and guess what he knows the answer. He really is like a Live Google search. So we tried (the operative word here is TRIED) to ask him tricky questions to see if we could hoax him… but nothing gets past Oliver the Great. Today you get a sneak peek into what makes Oliver tick… no twist needed!

What Google offering best describes you to-date and why? 

 Google Wave – ahead of my time!

If you had to come back as an element in the periodic table what would you be? 

 I have always been fascinated with Yttrium (Y), it’s an rare Earth Metal, without which many Hi-Tech products we take for granted now probably wouldn’t been possible to manufacture.

What historic event would you have loved to live Tweet about?  

 (Besides the Birth of Christ which may not be so politically correct) The first Shuttle launch.

If you could steal a museum relic what would it be and what would you use it for? 

 A crate of Shackleton’s whiskey that was found under the ice. I would retrace his journey across Antarctica, and when I found it I would drink the entire crate at the Pole.

You a five year old boy, arrange the following(Tricycle, Toffee Apple, An Internet search, Your Bob-T card and a portable Ant farm) in range of importance to you:

(1) Toffee Apple  (2) Tricycle 2 (3) Portable Ant farm (4) Your Bob-T card (5)An Internet search

If there is anything else out of the ordinary about you, that you think our users would like to know, please do share this with us Master…

Oliver says he can’t answer this question at this stage as if he were to answer it may just be as long as Jan Van Reinbeck’s manuscripts.  Who needs Simon says, when Junk Mail has Oliver the Great!

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