Meet the Ring Leader…

Often the person Presidents would call when they stumble (or cause) on a PR nightmare. Olga-Jean Queen is as peculiar as her last name. When she’s not mass communicating everything under Junk Mail’s umbrella, she’s bathing in the quirky essence of life’s offerings.  Read the interview below to find out why she is called the Ring Leader…

We asked Olga-Jean a few tough questions and this is what she had to say…

You are Junk Mails newest recruit, describe JMP in one word relating to possible occupation in other parts of the continent:

Beaut! I knew it, I have been here little over a month and I am already using Junk Mail speech, soon I will be an iPhone user too! But you don’t see me complaining 😉

What would your last Tweet on this earth be?

 That is a tough one, 140 characters to say goodbye to everyone and everything I know. @olgijean says, “I lived, loved, dreamed and believed – to all who knew me #SpanishDancingQueenkeep the memory alive! Hope to see a wild leopard in heaven? (139 characters)

Arrange the following in order of importance, relating to South Africa’s holistic media needs: (a)Above the Line advertising  (b)CRM –customer relationship management (c)Overseas Celebrity endorsements (d)Direct Mail Marketing:

(B) CRM – customer relationship management

(D) Direct Marketing

(A) Above the Line Advertising

(C) Overseas Celebrity endorsements

I see PR was not include in this mix, but out of all the P’s of importance I think People, PR and Perceptions should take tops!

If you could be on any magazine cover in the world, relating your corporate intentions, what would it be: 

 With all the debates about the death of print it would have to be a magazine that has a digital version. In that case, my number one choice would be Brandweek. Brandweek focuses on marketing and advertising looking at who does what best.

You have to Title a Forbes magazine cover relating the bumpy road of Margaret Thatcher, but you can only use a picture of a tree alongside the caption, what would the headline be? 

 Wow, I could go on for days but here are just a couple goodies: Exclusive: Thatcher is really out of her tree or Will Thatcher be chopped or will she finally grow? or Budding from the dirt: Thatcher’s True Tale

If there is anything else out of the ordinary about you, that you think our users would like to know, please do share…

 As you may have picked up from my ‘last Tweet in the world’, I have an obsession with Leopards.One of my goals this year is to see a real life leopard in the wild. This is the one mystical feline on this earth that has managed to escape my lenses and it is my mission to find my spotted desire.

I come from a very interesting family tree. My mother is Puerto Rican and my father is Scottish. A fun fact, our surname is supposed to be Mac Queen but someone misbehaved and we lost our Mac and were reduced to the surname Queen. Hence why I have coined the hashtag #SpanishDancingQueen. It is no secret that I love to dress-up. But did you know that I have a dress-up chest where I store all my outfits and accessories?(I think many people suspect, but not too many people know the truth).

I have a very adventurous spirit.  The explorer in me naturally compelled me to create a life list. I have over 50 items on this list that I need to complete before I turn 30, one of the adventures includes making a flag and placing it at the top ofThe Olga’s Mountain Range in Australia. Yes, there is in fact a Mountain Range named after me, after discovering thatwould you not also want to climb to the top?

Something from the history books when I was 16, I was fanatical about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and on occasion my friend and I still sneak in a BuffyThon.

There you have it, the first team member of the Junk Mail Team to be featured on the Junk Mail blog. Watch this space, there will be more posts like this in the near future. Feel free to share this post with your friends.

Feedback is also appreciated and welcome

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