Meet the Word Wizard

Harry Potter maybe the latest buzz word on aspiring wizard’s lips, but there is another wizard in town – our very own word wizard and his name is Zaheer. He resembles the first evil boyfriend from ‘Scott Pilgrim versus the world’, but he doesn’t rock that Egyptian pose. Know him now… before he gets famous and then you will have no hope in Arabia of ever meeting him.  Watch out for his wand it has been known to perform some precarious stunts that awe all audiences…

I hear you are quite the wizard, if you could wave your magic wand right now… which billboard would you change?

I have a problem with 90 % of the lame billboards in this country, so that’s a tough question, but if i had to pin one down, The DSTV billboards “Live with Entertainment”, I mean really, that’s all they could come up with. How about, Explore Out of Africa, or The LA lights up you home. Just a thought.

If you won the T. S. Eliot Prize for your literary brilliance, what would your 140 character Tweet speech of acceptance be?

Please excuse me whilst I update my LinkedIn profile! #truthtweet

If Gucci released an ice-cream would you eat it?

Duh, I’m sure it will be an ice-cream worth eating, yes of course haha.

Now for the quick test, time yourself and see how long it takes for you to crack this conundrum.   The word is Flemish, unscramble the word to make another word.  Your clue: All men think of this all the time    

Himself (btw that took me 4 seconds)

Shakespeare was a master of wit much like you. If you could re-write one of his plays into a modern animation which one would you revamp and why?

I think I’d remake The Merchant of Venice, and make the Characters play out in New York, with Antonio approaching Warren Buffet for the money and not Shylock.

If there is anything else out of the ordinary about you, that you think our users would like to know, please do share…

I watch Gossip Girl (a lot) and I used to be a really good tennis player and fencer….

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