Mind-blowing pictures taken with a selfie stick

Selfie sticks have taken the world by storm and, if you are into selfies, finding a selfie stick for sale should be your next logical step. With a large number of different designs, colours and functionalities available, you are sure to find the ideal selfie stick to suit your adventures and lifestyle.


What is a selfie stick?

A selfie stick is a monopod or a unipod that extends out and is used to take a photo of yourself (aka a selfie) or a group shot. There are a number of sticks commercially available today and can be compatible with a phone, camera and a GoPro – anything really that can take a photo or video.


A selfie stick price tag will range from anything between R 90 to R 744, but note that you really don’t have to buy the biggest and most expensive stick to take awesome photos.

How does a selfie stick work?

There are a number of different types of selfie sticks, but the most popular one works via Bluetooth. An extendable stick, the user attaches the camera (which can be anything from a cellphone to a GoPro) to the end of the stick and extends it outward.

With the camera now on the end (to take either a selfie or a group photo), the user presses a shutter button located on the stick handle (which is connected to your device via a port like a headphone jack) to take a photo.


A Bluetooth selfie stick for sale works a little differently, connecting to your device via Bluetooth. The shutter can also be located on the stick’s handle, but in many cases you will have a small remote that triggers your shutter.

Other variations without a Bluetooth connection or shutter button requires you to set a timer on your camera or phone before extending the stick and striking a pose.

The benefits of a selfie stick

This stick is definitely not a vanity product for people to take an endless amount of pictures of themselves. It is, in a number of cases, quite the opposite, allowing you take awesome pictures of just about anything that prickles your interest.

A great advantage of the stick is that you are able to take great group pics (with you actually being in the shot this time). Because the sticks extends, you are able to take large group photos, fitting a large number of people in the shot.


Tired of asking unwilling passer-by’s to snap a shot of you and your friends? Well, the selfie stick avoids all the awkward shoving your phone into someone you have never seen before’s hands, explaining to them how the camera works, running back to your group and then finally striking posing.

The stick itself is also pretty compact, so if you are planning a day out and simply have to take a couple of pics along the way, there is absolutely no need to lug your tripod with you every step of the way.


Another great benefit of selfie sticks is the reduction in shake and of course that odd placement of a finger in the frame. Taking selfies and group photos are easier and the quality will be so much better.

With the rise of the selfie stick, the more adventurous among us saw an opportunity to live on the edge and take some risky photos that would not have been possible otherwise. Allowing you to do something awesome while getting photographic evidence at the same time – priceless.

Mind-blowing pics taken with selfie sticks

Whether you hate the whole selfie craze or post selfies every day, these sticks are cool gadgets that the geek in all of us can appreciate. Some of us even have an eye for a great photo set up and take amazing pics that would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, without a stick.

Here are some awesome pictures taken using a selfie stick:

This shot goes to show that these sticks are more than just long rods used to take pics of yourself. One of the coolest group shots ever, we absolutely love this photo!


Festivals will never be the same again. This guy did an awesome job of taking a selfie…


The only words we have for this photo is absolutely gorgeous.


How awesome is this!


Is this actually real?!


We want to be this guy right now…


Taking snorkelling to a whole new level!


We don’t care what anybody says, but this awesome pic would not have been possible if this guy didn’t go out and find a selfie stick for sale.


This looks like so much fun!


Don’t you just love this action shot?


Doesn’t this photo just scream epic fun!


You can’t deny that this photo is really cool….


Can you say epic…


Places where sticks are banned

There are many places that simply hate the selfie craze that has hit the shore of our green planet. With this, there are a number of selfie stick bans. Places where the stick is banned include:

  • As of July first, 2015, Disney Land and all of its parks have banned the use of these sticks.
  • Lollapalooza, a yearly music festival held in Chicago, was one of the first major festivals banning the use of these sticks.
  • No selfie sticks are allowed at The Palace Museum in Beijing. The reason behind this ban is simply because it is a delicate site.
  • Though not banning these sticks, South Korea is cracking down on uncertified sticks because of the Bluetooth connection. Because these sticks have access to your personal data, South Korea is trying to stop unregistered sticks, opting instead that it be regulated by a government agency responsible for monitoring other telecommunication devices.
  • Selfies at Lake Tahoe (in Nevada and California) is also strongly discouraged. Presenting safety risks (like people turning their backs to bears to take a great pic) has forced the park to politely ask visitors from refraining from selfies where wild animals are involved.
  • You are not allowed to take photos in The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – that includes a selfie.
  • Called braggies, selfies are banned at Garoupe Beach in France.
  • If you are taking part in the Running of the Bulls (in Pamplona), you can be harshly fined for taking a selfie. After a man, taking part in the Running of the Bulls, took a very dangerous selfie in July of 2014, he was fined € 3 000.
  • The state of New York outlawed the taking of selfies with dangerous animals (like tigers and lions) at zoos and other places. If caught, you can face a fine of between $ 500 and $ 1 000.
  • Due to damages caused, the use of sticks are banned at a number of museums in the U.S including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty Centre and the Smithsonian, to name but a few.
  • In London, a number of venues (including concert halls and sports stadiums) have banned the use of selfie sticks, saying that it blocks the view of other attendees.
  • The Australian Open also saw the ban of these sticks as well as certain venues in Perth including HFB Arena and nib Stadium.


Remember: If you do own a stick, remember to always be considerate to the people behind you. Keep in mind that they are there to enjoy a show, marvel in the beauty of art or explore an exciting new place – don’t ruin their day by obstructing their view.

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