Missed the iPhone 8 announcement? Get the info here

The iPhone 8 was recently announced and it’s jam-packed with features that’ll make any tech lover happy. From its all-glass design to its state-of-the-art camera, there are plenty of reasons to invest in these cell phones for sale. Their powerful chip and augmented reality experiences set these phones apart from the crowd, and its wireless charging makes it’s easy to stay connected wherever you are. Read our blog to discover everything you need to know, from the iPhone price to its stylish design. You can find iPhones for sale on Junk Mail.

Stylish design

Not only are the iPhone 8 specs impressive, this model also boasts a stylish design. Durable glass covers the back and front of this phone while the colour-matched aluminium band adds interest to its exterior. You can opt for a silver or gold finish when you buy an iPhone 8. These phones are water and dust resistant, making them practical as well as stylish. There are two sizes to choose from, which include a 4.7-inch or a 5.5-inch display. Innovative engineering has resulted in customised glass that is strengthened using a laser-welded steel base. The aerospace grade aluminium band also enhances the durability of this model. The oleophobic coating makes it easy to remove fingerprints from your device.

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Image source: iPhone website

Wireless charging

Another reason to find these cell phones for sale is that they feature wireless charging, with their glass backs making recharging the battery effortless. The iPhone 8 was always designed to be a wireless device that can be used without headphone cords. Now with the elimination of charging cables, the latest iPhone takes wireless technology to a whole new level. With the cutting-edge AirPower feature, it’s easier than ever to recharge your compatible devices. From your Apple Watch to your AirPod, you can charge a range of devices by placing them on the surface of the AirPower mat.

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Image source: iPhone website

Powerful speakers

With their louder, more versatile speakers, it’s easy to see why finding iPhones for sale is such a popular option. The iPhone 8 boasts redesigned speakers that offer an increased volume of up to 25 percent. Not only are they louder, they also have a deeper bass. You can turn up the volume and enjoy everything from your favourite songs to videos on your device.

Cutting-edge security

The iPhone 8 provides you with exceptional security options. It’s equipped with Touch ID, which means that you can use your fingerprint to access your phone as well as your apps. This feature offers you superior security without compromising on convenience. You can also use Touch ID for Apple Pay to purchase apps.

Impressive iPhone 8 specs

The iPhone 8 specs include a 64 GB and 256 GB capacity. Its dimensions are 138.4mm by 67.3mm by 7.3mm. This device has a weight of 148 grams. The iPhone 8 Plus is slightly larger with dimensions of 158.4mm by 78.1mm by 7.5mm. It is slightly heavier with a weight of 202 grams. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch retina HD display with a pixel resolution of 1 334 by 750 pixels. The Plus model offers a 5.5-inch retina HD display with a 1 920 by 1 080 pixel resolution. Another highlight of these phones is their A11 Bionic chip which features 64-bit architecture.

Also worth mentioning is the 12MP camera as well as the 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras. These cameras have an f/1.8 aperture and the telephoto camera has an f/2.8 aperture. They have a digital zoom of up to 5x as well as a zoom of up to 10x. The iPhone 8 cameras offer exposure control, panorama and noise reduction.

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Image source: iPhone website

They are equipped with a six-element lens as well as body-and-face detection. Images are taken in HEIF as well as JPEG format and image stabilisation helps to improve the quality of the photos that you take. Burst mode, timer mode and photo geotagging are other highlights of these devices. The camera has both facial and body recognition. The iPhone price includes free apps from Apple.

Now that you know more about the benefits of finding iPhones for sale, you can search online for bargains. With its stylish exterior and state-of-the-art features, the iPhone 8 is designed to exceed your expectations.

Missed the iPhone 8 announcement? Get the info here
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Missed the iPhone 8 announcement? Get the info here
The iPhone 8 was recently announced and it’s jam-packed with features that'll make any tech lover happy. Check them out in this Junk Mail Blog.
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