Moeggesukkel; A Non-Profit Organisation Helping Those in Need

Moeggesukkel; a non-profit organisation, offers a new found hope to over 45 individuals who have reached a point of hopelessness and in their despair have given up. These individuals come from various backgrounds which include rape and abuse victims, single parents and severe trauma victims who have in some cases lead to a self-destructive behaviour including drug and alcohol abuse with feelings of rejection. Moeggesukkel is currently doing their work from two different properties in Centurion.

They provide optimism to those who have given up long ago by giving them the necessary “tools” to uplift their spirit and get back into society with a bang. They aim to rig each individual with his or her own personal “tool” according to their history and personal needs to get back in the game and back to living.

Not only does Moeggesukkel provide a safe haven for those in need but they also arrange for food, clothing, emotional support as well as skill development training and studies to better themselves to a point where they can find and maintain a job.

Moeggesukkel has a vision to provide these desperate individuals with medical aid, transport, computer and internet facilities to further help those who have given up get back on their feet. They hope to incorporate services and projects such as art and music, personal grooming, legal advice, life insurance and disability cover with any other possible service to help each individual restore hope, develop their skills and talents to leave the past where it belongs… in the past.

They do their best to teach each person the basic values to develop their character and to best enable them to achieve success in any future situation.

Moeggesukkel itself is a non-profit organisation but still they reach out to other local communities in need by spreading “gifts” and at the same time create opportunities to spread a positive message. They also help families and other individuals in need that are not at Moeggesukkel as well as anyone with detailed needs.

The good people at Moeggesukkel has started a few ways to keep their residents busy while at the same time providing them with the feeling that they are contributing to Moeggesukkel as well as society. They make and sell their own soap and also run a catering service (which is pretty damn good) to keep Moeggesukkel running and to slowly but surely get back in the game of giving back and working.

There is no function or event too big for these guys and girls to cater for so keep them in mind with your year-end function coming up and play your part in giving to the less fortunate.

Unfortunately all non-profit organisations need help and fund to keep on doing the good work they are doing. You can help further develop the potential that lies within these individuals by giving a little; cash donations are always a big help but there are so many other ways that you can help a Moeggesukkel project or person.

They are always on the lookout for new projects to provide a wider skill platform for their residents to ensure that each and every one gets a chance to succeed and become self-sustainable, so if you or someone you know is willing to contribute to a class or to provide tools it will so greatly be appreciated. Moeggesukkel does a great deed to society and will really appreciate any of these sponsorships; workshop tools, catering equipment, photographical equipment or any other useful tools to help the skill development projects or community projects.

They are a growing home with basic requirements such as any other household with the need for food, clothing, bedding, and any other daily products. There are woman and men of different ages that desperately need your help, for you it might not mean anything but for someone who has nothing it’s everything.

You never know where you might end up tomorrow; no child asks to be abused or to grow up living on the street. Do your part and support Moeggesukkel.

For any additional information kindly check out Moeggesukkel’s Facebook page with photos and videos of their work as well as banking details and further details on their catering and soap business.

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6 Responses

  1. Ronel Francis says:

    Good day!
    I have a brother who is homeless and was/is hooked to drugs. We’ve tried numerious times to get help for him, but he keeps on falling back to his old life. We’ve reached a state where we now reaching out to you for help. On the one hand he keeps on saying that there is no reason to be alive, and on the other hand when we do help him or get him job, he keeps it for a week and then just walk off. He also has Tourette Syndrome. He was a very handsome guy, but he looks like a person of 80 yearts. I hate seeing him like this. Please help!

    • Heinrich van den Worm says:

      Hi Ronel, thanks for you comment. Sorry to hear about the current/ongoing situation. I think the best would be to get in touch with Moeggesukkel. You can talk to Jacques Papenfus. Try and give them a call on 073 329 5174. Alternatively you can send them a mail at

  2. Isabel du Toit says:

    Goeie naand, ons het baie tweedehandse kinder en grootmens klere wat ons graag self will kom aflewer ons Te sien waar die klere heengaan

  3. Sylvester says:

    hi my name is Sylvester and I need help for my addiction please. 0670170513

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