The Monster has been unveiled – Google’s Nexus 6

The all new Google Nexus 6 has been unveiled on Wednesday night together with 2 other new Google products. Google unveiled their new smartphone, Nexus 6 as well the Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus set top box player.


If you were left breathless after the iPhone 6 launch then this is going to take you by surprise. The all new Nexus 6 is built to explore. The Nexus 6 is the next generation smartphone technology. This phone will also have the new Android operating system Lollipop, which is also said to be released next month.

The Nexus boasts a stunning 6 inch quad HD display that is built for viewing anything. From movies to eBooks and games, the Nexus 6 provides users with more room to view.  Immerse yourself in movies, games or music with the dual front-facing speakers which are built into the phone to deliver stereo sound.


If you love taking pictures, then you can take the perfect pictures with the least amount of effort. The Nexus 6 has a 13 MP rear camera with image stabilization and automatic HDR+ that allows you to take perfect pictures.

The most unique feature of this phone is the 3220 mAh battery. This battery powers up the battery to up to 24 hours on a full charge. For a quick burst of power, the Motorola turbo charger can give this impressive smartphone 6 hours’ life in just 15 minutes.


This phone is built for the modern lives to suit the busy lifestyles of most people. This phone was built by Motorola and even includes the Motorola stamp on it. It also has a metal trim around the outside, just like the Moto X.

The Nexus 6 is going to be available in 27 countries around the world and will be available in 2 colors. Whether or not it is coming to South Africa, still remains a mystery…

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