More Junk Mail / CapeAds User Testimonials


Here are some more User Testimonials that we’ve received in recent times:

“Naand aan hulle, Net om baie dankie te se dat my African grey pappegaai binne 116 minute verkoop is….baie dankie vir Junk Mail se advertensie-kolom” Billy Vos

“I placed an ad for renting out my old flat and I was very surprised to get the first call in about 5min from placing the ad. I got more than 20 calls in the end. I just wanted to say thank you to Junk Mail for their efficient and effective website.” U. Summerfield

“Advertising in the Junk Mail is absolutely amazing. I have placed the two adverts very late on Tuesday afternoon after five and within an hour had 4 calls from potential buyers, On Wednesday morning the bike was sold (money in the bank) to one of the callers and on Wednesday evening the Golf was sold. ” Jackie Peiper

“I sold my car in 4 days, I was really surprised and will advertise my Scottish terrier pups soon. Thanks Junk Mail” Wilma

“I advertised a caravan fridge and sold it the same day. Gr8 results. Thank you very much ” PJ de Villiers

“Thank you for Junk Mail. I placed an ad in the Junk Mail and on the internet. I received +- 7 calls from the net and 3 calls from the ad in the Junk Mail. I sold 4 puppies to people that saw the ad in the Junk Mail and on the Junk Mail web.” Hantie Williams

“This week I sold the item on the very same Thursday the advert appeared in print. A million thanks to all you wonderful people at Junk Mail!”¬†Nawaaz Khaki

“Just want to thank Junk Mail. I advertised a Vehicle on line and in a matter of 5 days it was sold. Thank again ” Wilma Vokes

“I have been using Junk Mail for years (always had to phone /fax message) found Junk Mail on internet and a whole new world opened up only problem when all my mates saw the results they could not wait to get involved the problem is that they ask me to put them in (i actually enjoy it). Example: Chap had an old motor bike in his garage and did not know what to do with it. One Junk Mail advert and he sold it within two days and he was R5000 richer. He went back to Junk Mail and bought himself a remote model. Thank you Junk Mail for allowing us to help others.” Douglas Smith

Check out the posts in the User Testimonials section on the Junk Mail blog for more customer feedback.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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