More Translations Gone Wrong

Here a few translations that are just wrong (but also funny at the same time). Most South Africans are capable of better grammar than this. Hope all of you find this interesting.


  • A clothing retail store sign – “Hitman & Co.”
  • An orange juice beverage – “In Love? Be Juicy!”
  • A canned soda beverage – “Bottled Water”
  • A lemon soda beverage tag line – “Relax and Reflesh”
  • Hotel name – “Hotel Happy Kiss”
  • Sandwich Shop name – “Light drink and Salad, Nice Eat You?”
  • Retail Store name – “Store My Ducks”
  • Sushi Restaurant name – “Bar, Sushi and Men”
  • Restaurant with pink flamingo in window’s name – “Framingo”
  • Restaurant in food court’s name “Terminal Snack Stand”
  • The American slogan for Salem cigarettes, “Salem — Feeling Free”, was translated into the Japanese market as “When smoking Salem, you will feel so refreshed that your mind seems to be free and empty”.
  • Warning Sign to duck – “Watch your herd”
  • Sign telling you to wash your hands – “Roll of Bread With the Germ”
  • Name of a club – “Club Gross”
  • Sign at Fast Food place – “Burgers and Hot Sand”
  • Hotel Name – “Ah Chew Hotel”
  • An American T-shirt maker in Miami printed shirts for the Spanish market which promoted the Pope’s visit. Instead of “I saw the Pope” (el Papa), the shirts read “I saw the potato” (la papa).
Watch this space for more updates in the Fun Corner section of our blog.

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