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We strive for service excellence at Junk Mail. We have received the following feedback from users in recent weeks:

“Thank you so  very much for placing my adverts. I sold the items the very first week that you accepted them. This week I sold the item on the very same Thursday the advert appeared in print.” Nawaaz

“I sold a bed a few hours after being placed, also bought a desk hassle-free. This is so cool! Thx to CapeAds!” Shirley Van Wyk

“Just want to thank Junk Mail. I advertised a Vehicle on line and in a matter of 5 days it was sold” W. Vokes

“I have been using Junk Mail for years. Used to phone / fax messages through. I found Junk Mail on the Internet and a whole new world opened up. The only problems was that when all my mates saw the results they could not wait to get involved. They asked me put in adverts for them (I actually enjoyed this). A chap had an old motorbike his garage and did not know what to do with it. One Junk Mail Advert and he was R5000 richer. He bought a remote model through the Junk Mail. Thank you Junk Mail for allowing us to help others.” Junk Mail Junkie

“I sold my bakkie on Junk Mail online, it took 9 min for the first call, and my bakkie was sold in 9 min. Wow” Johnny Botha

“What a great website. In less than 24 hours i sold my car (a BMW 325i 1989). Thumbs Up!” Newton Loxton

“You guys are BRILLIANT! I’ve never battled to sell anything, and it’s so easy.” Fred Rodo


Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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