Mother’s Day: Spoil your mom with these great gift ideas

Taking place on the 8th of May, 2016, Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, because we love all Junk Mailers, we wanted to give you some great Mothers Day gift ideas to help you make your mum feel absolutely special. Don’t forget to browse through the amazing deals on Junk Mail to find perfect gift ideas for mom.


What Mother’s Day is All About?

A more modern celebration, Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating not only that special woman you call mum, but also motherhood, the extraordinary influence mothers have in society as well as maternal bonds. There is no doubt that mothers are something indescribably special and, that is why they get their very own day.

Beginning in the US in the early 20th century, the very first Mothers Day was celebrated back in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother who had passed away three years earlier. She wanted to honour her mother by continuing the work she did and set a special day aside to honour all mothers. Anne Jarvis’ mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, passed away in 1905, marking the start of Anne Jarvis’ campaign to make Mother’s Day a recognised day.


Great Mothers Day Gifts

The second Sunday of May always marks that special day and, because we all love our mothers, we wanted to give you some Mothers Day gift ideas to make your mom feel special.


Though giving your mom a photograph of yourself might seem silly, putting in a little extra effort can turn simple pictures into great Mother’s Day gifts. You can find stunning frames for sale and give your mom beautiful (or maybe even professional) photos of her grandchildren. See if you can find her old photographs depicting her happiest moments and frame it for her.


If your family is like mine, spilling over the edges with generations of girls, you can really get creative. This creative, multi-generational photograph is simply gorgeous and guaranteed to pull at your mom’s heart strings.

A Day of Pamper

There is no better way to thank your mom for all her hard work than sending her for a relaxing day of luxurious pampering. Always great gift ideas for women, pampering lets your loved one know that you notice all the hard work, and who works harder than our mothers? From a cut and colour to a hot stone massage, your mom will love being treated like a queen for a couple of hours.


Spa days are also great mother-daughter dates, so set aside a day and get pampered with your mother this year. If you are looking for some of the best spas in South Africa, read our post titled 10 award-winning luxury spa retreats in SA.

Too expensive? We get you. Why not make your own pamper kit? Retailers like Clicks and Pick and Pay offer great pamper products, so why not mix and match different products and create a pamper kit specially tailored for your mom. With bubble bath, soaps, creams and body butter, you can top it off by throwing in a pair of fuzzy slippers (winter is just about here) and scented candles.


Beautiful flowers always make great gifts for mom. Mothers love feeling special and, what better way to make your mom feel special than buying her a huge bouquet of her favourite flowers. Yes, you might argue, flowers don’t last forever, but throw in a beautiful vase and you have a stunning gift your mom can keep and reuse.


Her Favourite Perfume

If your mother is anything like mine, she uses one perfume and it is probably something she uses very sparingly. You can spoil your mom this Mother’s Day by giving her her favourite perfume. Don’t know what it is? No problem. Retailers like Red Square and Truworths usually have these great perfume packs usually called sampler boxes that have small bottles of different fragrances.

A great gift idea for women, you can also opt for other beauty items like face creams and makeup to make her day.

A Subscription to her favourite magazine

Though magazine subscriptions might seem silly, if your mom simply loves a magazine, but rarely buys it for herself, why not get her a subscription? From Ideas magazine to Elle and Garden and Home, there is a magazine for just about every interest and taste, so why not make it into an awesome gift for your mother?


Kitchen Tools, Books and Gadgets

If your mom absolutely loves cooking your Mothers Day ideas list just got a little longer. Getting her something awesome for the kitchen is a stunning idea. From the latest cookbooks and cookbook stands, to chopping boards and a high quality set of knives, your options here are almost endless.


Image Source: Yuppie Chef Website.

Though some of the cooler accessories and gadgets are expensive, there are tons of more inexpensive options as well. Online retailers like Yuppie Chef is a great place to start. From nifty Julienne Slicers to a Garlic Zoom and Burger Press, you will find all sorts of stunning gift ideas for women who love to cook online.


Image Source: Yuppie Chef Website.

Top Tip when it comes to Mothers Day Gift Idea: Remember, the trick to finding your mother the ideal gift is to get her something that she really wants, but will never buy for herself.

Yummy Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Nothing brings a family together like good food, so why should Mothers Day be any different. Show your mom how much you care by making her something special from scratch.

Breakfast to start the day right

Treat your mom to a delicious, home-made breakfast she will love. There are dozens of stunning ideas out there, but this Ham and Egg Crepe Squares really stood out to us.


Image Source: Martha Stewart Website.

For a recipe that yields four servings, you will need four crepes, eight slices of ham, four large eggs, salt and pepper, and rimmed baking sheet. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or ± 176 degrees Celsius).

Place your four crepes on the baking paper. Place two slices of ham on each crepe and, once this is done, crack an egg into the centre of the crepe. Fold the edges of the crepe towards the centre, season and stick in the oven for about 12 minutes.

See the full Ham and Egg Crepe Squares recipe.

Something Sweet

If your mom is a sweet tooth, why not make her a super yummy chocolate cake this Mother’s Day? We found this stunning Flourless Cake Recipe and thought it would make a great addition to your Mothers Day gifts ideas.

You will need four squares of chopped semi-sweet chocolate, a half a cup of butter, a half a cup of cocoa powder, three eggs, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a ¾ cup of white sugar.


Image Source: All Recipes Website.

Start by preheating your oven to 150 Degrees Celsius. Grease your round cake pan and dust it with your cocoa powder. Next, you will have to melt your chocolate and butter. Once this is done, remove your chocolate and butter from the heat and stir in your cocoa powder, eggs, vanilla and sugar.

Pop in the oven for thirty minutes and, once done, let it cool for about 10 minutes in the pan before turning it out onto your cooling rack.

See the full Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe.

If all else fails

If you are anything like this writer and cooking is something that only causes plumes of smoke to pour out of the kitchen, treating your mom to a yummy day out is also a good (and maybe safer) idea. From Mosaic at the Orient in Pretoria, to The Test Kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa plays host to some of the best restaurants, mouth-watering dishes and highly talented chefs.


Looking for an awesome restaurant this Mothers Day? Read our post titled 10 Top restaurants in SA you won’t regret visiting in 2016.

Ready for Mother’s Day? Browse through Junk Mail to find stunning Mother’s Day gifts and ideas for that special woman in your life. Don’t forget to leave your Mothers Day ideas in the comment section below!

Mother’s Day: Spoil your mom with these great gift ideas
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Mother’s Day: Spoil your mom with these great gift ideas
Taking place on the 8th of May, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Because we love all of you, we wanted to give you some great Mothers Day gift ideas.
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