Motoring Scam Warning

Looking for a new car is a very exciting time! You’ve saved the money, done your research, you check for the vehicle you want on classifieds websites and you enquire from sellers. A motoring scam is the last thing on your mind!

One of the ads you’ve responded to looks awesome and what a find it is! The seller lets you know that the vehicle is still available and you want to jump for joy, transfer the money and get your new baby!

This is where you should take a step back and assess the situation very carefully. Ask yourself if the deal seems too good to be true? Is the seller too eager? Is the seller trying to get you to pay a deposit without you having seen the car? If you answer yes to any of these questions, we urge you to take extreme caution.

Motoring Scam Warning

A deal that seems too good to be true, usually is. If the seller is too eager, it means they could be attempting to lure you into a deal that is going to leave you wondering where your money went (yes, some people are simply cash strapped and urgently need the money, but even they would not ask for a deposit before you’ve seen the car).

Never, ever, pay even a very small part of the cost before you’ve seen the vehicle and done your homework. Some people feel paying R1000 as a ‘holding deposit’ doesn’t seem that bad, but remember you are not the only person paying R1000. You’re also not the only person who won’t get to view the car and never see that money again!

A very vigilant Junk Mail user alerted us to a new vehicle scam doing the rounds on classifieds sites. Please read the process carefully and make sure that you are not scammed:

  1. Buyer responds to advert
  2. Seller responds from different e-mail address saying his wife placed the ad and he is not sure what details she provided in the ad
  3. Seller then goes on to give details about the vehicle and says he is in the process of moving to another country. The Seller is prepared to bring the vehicle anywhere in South Africa, but gives the wrong vehicle’s description.
  4. Buyer would then ask to meet at specified area.
  5. Seller says he is busy and meeting up will take time (he is far away). The seller then mentions that he has a solution through the classifieds site. He will ask the buyer for their full names, address and phone number to ‘register them as a buyer on the classifieds site’. The seller then agrees that after the buyer is registered on the classifieds website, he will bring the vehicle and documents to do the hand-over.
  6. An email is sent to the buyer from a holding domain email address ( with the subject “Transaction #921FUE194Bza1 – Buyer name and surname”.  This e-mail has the classifieds site’s branding on and contains an invoice for a purchase for the 2001 Toyota MR2 Roadster 1.8.  It also had information on how to pay through Western Union.
  7. Buyer receives another e-mail from the holding domain stating that they are trying to launch a transaction for the MR2 with thanks from the Classifieds Website Team.
  8. The buyer is then expected to transfer money without having seen the vehicle and without ever having spoken to the seller telephonically. The buyer states that this is requested by the classifieds site to ‘protect both parties’.
  9. The buyer will keep on receiving e-mails with details on how to deposit funds into a Western Union account, but the address will not be South African.

Please note that Junk Mail Publishing is in  no way involved in the transfer of monies or goods with regards to items advertised on any of its platforms.

Rat Trap

Online advertising is a great way for many honest, hard working people to sell their goods without having to spend a fortune, but unfortunately a handful of people think they have the right to ‘scam and steal’ their way through life.

Always remember to trust your instinct. If a situation leaves you uncomfortable, it’s best to take a step back!

If you would like to report a scam or suspicious advertising, please send a detailed e-mail to or call us on 012 342 3840.

Safe buying and selling Junk Mailers!


Saskia Meintjes

Hyperactive, extremely realistic and addicted to reading can best describe me. Life is all about the good memories and sitting around will not create them.

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18 Responses

  1. mampho says:

    What if the sales man said just deposited R5000 for car test.then if you refused and saying you want to come an see the car first because they said the deal is a proven after you sending all ur detail and they say it’s fine you can come is that a scame?

  2. Nico says:

    Someone from Taung promised me to deliver the car to Lephalale but suddenly he claimed I must help him with R500 for petrol because is far to reach here. Is where I became suspicious and refused to send the money.

  3. Fanyana says:

    Hi I’m Fanyana, I want to buy a keyboard from this this two companies “” and “http//” but I’m not sure about them,because they don’t give me the address so that I would go there to pay and take my staff by my own

  4. Tau says:

    Am really wondering how true some of these adverts re. Am looking for a barkie and am so alarmed seing a Toyota kzte for 27k and D4D for less dan 80k amean come on guys.

    • Hi Tau, yes, we are aware of the problem, and are working hard to fight these scammers, but they do change their identities and email addresses daily, so it’s quite difficult to keep track of them. However, please be very careful. Read our scam warning tips. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. And never pay for anything you have not seen… Have a nice day! 🙂

  5. Sampie says:

    There is people selling a toyota bakkie for 15000 and a nissan 1400 for 12000 ,they want petrol money 300 or 500 to bring the bakkie if you pay they phone later for a tyer and later they got lost need more petrol money .They dont bring the bakkies and they take the money beaware of it.

  6. Here is another scam I received after responding to an ad:

    My name is Brian Smith and I am an employee of National Geographic
    television network. For the last 2 years I was stationed in South
    Africa, that is how I got the car. I was shooting a documentary for
    National Geographic. If you wish you can view the documentary on TV as
    soon as it will be ready in the following weeks. Here is a little part:
    Now, due to the fact that I finished the documentary I moved back to
    London, England, where my home is and I do not wish to bring the car
    here for registration because I have to pay almost the price of the
    vehicle so it’s too expensive. The car is in excellent condition, no
    accidents, no scratches, no dents, no need for additional repairs and it
    is very well maintained. In order for you to be convinced, I can agree
    to give you the car for a couple of days to test it. The car is
    registered in South Africa on my name so it will be a very easy process.
    If you decide to buy it I will bring it at your home address anywhere in
    South Africa. Looking forward to your reply if you are interested and
    have the funds ready.
    Thank you

  7. sonja says:

    good evening was the car a mazda 2 1.3. i received response on email today with the same story. this afternoon i looked for the add again and it said add removed.

    he said the car is at gumtree storage that will bring the car. but i remember the add were on junkmail?

  8. Wayne Lottering says:

    All the ads from this user “u-62347768” looks like scams if u look at the prices of the vehicles.

  9. Minkie says:

    Hi, I saw an ad from auto mart by atasie group auto (sandton) with various vehicles that I’m interested in, I just wanted to get clarity or confirmation that they are a registered dealership/company and is it safe to buy from the dealership.

    • Liezl Grobler says:

      Hi Minkie, they are registered as a dealership on Auto Mart and the Junk Mail Trader Directory. We have not received any complaints concerning this dealership. If you are experiencing any issues, please email Thanks

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