Mountain Bike accessories and terminologies for the Newbie

Mountain biking is a fun and rewarding sport. Beginners can choose from a wide range of accessories and it is important to purchase the essential items first. Some knowledge of mountain bike terminologies and accessories is helpful for people who are just starting out. The first step is to browse through the mountain bikes for sale and select an affordable bike. Bicycles for sale can be found online or in shops.

A bike helmet is an important investment and it is advisable to purchase a good quality helmet which offers maximum safety. Digital video cameras are manufactured and attached to the bike helmet so that the rider can record footage of the track. Videos are recorded in first person view like in the video below.

Riders can avoid dehydration by carrying a water bottle or camelbak hydration system. Gloves are part of a rider’s protective gear and padded shorts add to a rider’s comfort during cycling. There are different types of shoes which are designed according to the pedal type. Shoes should be able to withstand rough terrain and a stiff sole makes pedalling easier. Depending on the pedal type, the rider may need to use cleats. Cleats are metal plates which attach the shoe to the clipless bike pedal.


Sunglasses offer eye protection from bugs, wind and dust which can cause blurred vision. Riders should be equipped with a trail repair kit to avoid being stuck on the trail. The kit contains items such as tire levers and extra tubes which are essential for fixing flat tires. An Allen key is used to adjust the height of the seat and to change pedals. Bike lube is a good buy as it prevents the chain from rusting and dry chain lube is the best choice for dusty roads.


Beginner riders should choose trails with minimal obstacles and hardpack soil. Hardpack soil refers to soil which has been compacted and it is an indication that the track is in good condition.


As a rider becomes more experienced, techniques such as bunny hopping are used to lift the bike over obstacles without stopping. This technique requires the rider to lift the front wheel off the ground followed by lifting the back wheel.


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