Must-have kitchen appliances for delicious meals and drinks

Whether you love being in the kitchen or not, all of us are fascinated by funky kitchen appliances. From an air fryer and smoothie maker, to a coffee grinder and colour changing egg timer, South Africa has its fair share of epic kitchen accessories.

In the spirit of all things tasty, we wanted to give you the lowdown on some of the newest (and coolest) kitchen appliances.

Get an air fryer

By making use of high speed, hot air circulation, air fryers are stunning additions to any kitchen. An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that produces hot air which a mechanical fan then begins to circulate around the food, effectively frying the food and producing a yummy crispy layer.


The Philips Avance Large Airfryer has a compact design and uses hot air, natural fats (or a small amount of cooking oil) to cook delicious meals. It has a digital touch screen to make setting cooking time and temperature control a breeze. Holding up to 1.2 kilograms of food at a time, this air fryer for sale allows you to drain excess fat from food while cooking and has a price tag of between R 2 999 and R 3 699.


Another great brand also available in South Africa is Tefal. Its Actifry low fat air fryer features a large LCD screen, a cool touch body and a highly scratch resistant ceramic coating. This little magician can produce a kilogram batch of potato chips using just one spoon of oil. Great for everything from seafood to stir fry, this air fryer has a price tag of between R2 199 and R3 699.


Put it in the juicer

If you love freshly squeezed juice, then getting a juicer is a great idea. There are quite a few good and reliable juicer brands in South Africa, including Phillips. With its Avance Electric Juicer you can make up to 2.5 litres of juice in one go. It features an extra-large feeding tube which means less cutting as well as two speeds for soft and hard fruits and vegetables. These kitchen appliances have a starting price tag of around R1 899.

Electric Juicer

The DNA Cold Press juicer is another stunning machine for sale. Made of stainless steel and carrying a one year warranty, this juicer allows you to have a glass of fresh cold pressed juice. Using cold press technology, the DNA juicer extracts the maximum amount of taste and nutrients from the minimum amount of fruit and vegetables.


Breville’s Juice Fountain is another amazing juicing monster for the kitchen. These machines feature a one litre jug, froth separator, stainless steel cutting discs and two speeds. The stainless steel cutting blades are also surrounded by Italian made micro mesh filters, allowing for the maximum mineral and vitamin extraction. This particular model from Breville has a starting price of around R 1 899.


A Coffee Grinder for a fresh cup

From simple electric grinders to beautiful machines designed with the artisanal coffee brewer in mind, there is absolutely no shortage of grinders in South Africa. A simplistic yet very functional design comes from Russell Hobbs in the form of the Coffee Bean & Spice Grinder. With a price tag of around R349, it has a brushed stainless steel finish, a stainless steel blade and a pulse operating mode.


The Breville Coffee & Spice Grinder is also a great kitchen appliance to add to your collection. Carrying a price tag of around R 329, this grinder delivers freshly grounded coffee, spices and herbs in seconds. With a 75 gram hopper and standing 11.5 centimetres high, this versatile grinder has a sleek design.


Another stunning option is the Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder. With a price tag of around R679, this grinder not only looks fabulous, but it is easy to use as well. With simple push-button controls, it takes coffee beans from coarse to fine on no time.


Moving on to bigger things, the Rocky Doserless Grinder SD from Rancilio is one of the ultimate kitchen appliances when it comes to coffee. With a total of 55 grind settings, you have the option of adjusting your grind from espresso to French press. Featuring 50 mm burs made of commercial grade stainless steel, this machine has a 300 gram hopper capacity and a hefty price tag of around R 4 299.


If you love KitchenAid, the Artisan Burr Coffee Bean Grinder is for you. A beautiful kitchen appliance available in Almond Cream, Onyx Black, Pearl Metallic and a beautiful Red, it has a 200 gram capacity glass bean hopper and a two year warranty. It operates at 450 rpm, delivering a quiet grind with a low frictional heat, helping to preserve the aroma of your coffee beans. It carries a price tag of around R 3 490.


A versatile smoothie maker

Your collection of awesome kitchen appliances are definitely not complete without a blender or smoothie maker.

If you are looking for something specifically for making a smoothie, the Smoothie Mix & Go from Severin is perfect. With a price tag of around R 799, it features a stainless steel blade, portable drinking containers and non-slip feet. It has one speed setting with additional pulse functionality and a container capacity of 600 millilitres.


The Mobile Blender from Vitawizz in another stunning option. Designed for our fast-paced lives, this blender is perfect if you want to make healthy smoothies, desserts or even soups on-the-go. Featuring a simple, one touch operation, two 500 millilitre cups and stainless steel blades, this compact blender has an overheat protection and a price tag of around R 999.


Moving up to bigger and more versatile machines, the Artisan Jug Blender from KitchenAid features almost all the functionalities you could wish for in a blender. A five-speed jug blender, this machine boasts pulse functionality and a one-piece blade assembly featuring stainless steel blades on four different planes, giving you a more consistent blend. Great for everything from smoothies to pancake batter, this kitchen appliance has a price tag of around R 3 290.


Another blender option is the kMix Jug Blender from Kenwood. With a price tag of around R 1 679, this blender is not only a smoothie maker, but works great for making sauces, baby food and more. The kMix also has a 1.6 litre glass jug, a 800 watt motor and four pre-set functions. This mixer also boasts stainless steel blades, is easy to clean and weighs in at about 4.5 kilograms.


In the market for something more than just a smoothie maker? Then finding an all-in-one solution is the perfect investment. South Africa offers its fair share of awesome food processors, like the Duo Jug Blender and Food Processor from Cuisinart. Featuring a high performance motor, four speed electronic controls and a 1.25 litre jug blender. Costing around R 2 849, this monster of a machine has a 1.1 litre bowl, chopper blade, reversible grating disc and is made of die cast metal, borosilicate glass and stainless steel.


Kitchen gadgets

Aside from having multi-functional kitchen appliances, we believe that a kitchen (and cooking for that matter) is more fun with awesome gadgets and you can rest assured that South Africans (including me) love all things gadget.

The first great find for the kitchen comes in the form of a Silicone Chocolate Melting Jar. If you are into baking, this is a must own. Made of silicone, this jar comes with a lid and is absolutely perfect for melting chocolate the easy way. A product available from Mr Price Home, it costs R59.99.


Tired of struggling to get the juice out of that citrus? Well, the guys from Gefu has the solution – the Presco Citrus Juice Extractor. Costing about R 219, these simplistic kitchen gadgets are designed to be screwed into the fruit. Once it is secure, simply squeeze the fruit and voila – fresh juice without the mess.


Definitely one that will get the guys’ attention as well, the Micro Torch Component from S&P is the ultimate in kitchen gadgets. While you can throw a fancy dinner party and complete your perfect crème brulée, your man can (and probably will) show-off to his friends at the braai for as little as R 179.


Always making too much spaghetti? The geniuses from Joseph Joseph bring us the Spaghetti Measure. It features an adjustable portion guide and a simple glide lever that makes it super simple to use. With a price tag of around R 139, this is truly a nifty kitchen gadget.


Add a twist to your vegetables with Gefu’s Sperelli Spiral Julienne Slicer. With a price tag of around R 399, it is made of stainless steel and high quality plastic. Very much like a noodle maker for your vegetables, these kitchen gadgets will add a dash of fun to your stir fry and fancy, dinner party dishes.


There you have it, a look at some of the coolest kitchen appliances available in South Africa today. Remember, Junk Mail is the perfect place to find high quality kitchen appliances for sale. From a blender and coffee grinder, to a smoothie maker and an air fryer – you can buy it on

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