New Cell Phone scam targets rugby fans

The South African Rugby Union (SARU) has asked media to assist in alerting all South Africans about a Rugby SMS scam that is make it rounds. This SMS scam is targeting rugby supporters with messages saying they have won large amounts of money in the IRB and SARU promotion.

SARU’s offices have received a number of calls from concerned individuals who have been the recipient of SMS’s telling them they have won considerable sums of money in a Rugby World Cup promotion run by the International Rugby Board (IRB).  The IRB  and SARU would like to confirm that they are not running a competition and if you do receive  this SMS you should delete it immediately.

Typically, the message reads: “Congratulation!!!Your cell Number.has won 960,000.In the IRB Rugby 2011 Promotions with RefA543B. Call Mr.Antony Smith on [cell number], to activate & claim”.

Members of the public who have called the number have been asked for their banking details or home address or to purchase cellphone airtime, which they are told not to load.  “We can categorically confirm that no competition has ever existed of this nature and that the SMS should be ignored,” said a SARU spokesperson.

There are many false competition scams out there, so make sure that you follow the below rules so that don’t become a competition scam victim:

1.  If you have not entered a competition you can’t be a winner

2. If the competition sounds too good to be true it probably is a scam

3. If the ‘competition organisers’ ask you to pay them money to claim your prize then this is more than likely a scam

4. Double check that the competition is valid. Phone the company and look on their website to see if the competition is legit. if you can’t find any evidence of the promotion then it is definitely a scam.

5. Google the SMS to see if it has been reported on other scam sites. Google reveals all, chances are you will find other people on the Internet talking about this false competition scam once you have Googled the SMS. 

Don’t get caught by this scam folks, remember to: Be Smart, Be Savvy, Be Safe!

This article was originally published on the 6th of February on News24. The Junk Mail team would like to alert all of you reading this about this scam because Junk Mail Cares about your safety and security.

Should you encounter this scam or another scam of this kind, please report it to us via e-mail to or via phone on 012-3423840 x2295.

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