False Competition Scam Reported by Junk Mail Users

Are you ready to become scam savvy? The scam busting class has just began, so get ready to be informed about this latest False Competition scam.

Recently a Junk Mail user notified us about a New Scam that he spotted – we published this blog post to warn all our users about False Competition scams. If you know how these scams work then you can tell your friends and family so they don’t get caught by these con artists in the future.

This is how this False Competition scam works: 

A person claiming to work for “Elias Logistic Management” contacts one of Junk Mail’s advertisers via our E-mail response form (this means they saw that you placed an advert on Junk Mail and got your email address so they could contact you directly). Once this con artist has your email address he informs you that you have won a Audi A8 Car in Junk Mail’s Motormail lucky draw.

This should already sound off alarm bells. Especially if you have not entered into a competition and you know for a fact that you have not received an email from Junk Mail alerting you of a competition to win an Audi A8.

This is the e-mail response that the fraudster is sending out:

According to our New Year junk mail & motomail online & printed subscribers? phone number generated from our database for draw on 03/01/2012. We are happy to inform you that your phone number has won you Audi A8 Car valued at the price of R936, 500.00. please contact authorized logistic management for immediate delivery of your car with your claimant reference number (jm07171975). Note: logistic charges are claimant responsibility. Contact Elias logistic management with your details and reference number handy at mobile: 0721666567 Telefax: 021 449 3107 or  email: motormail@webmail.co.za

We were alerted this morning that this particular scammer is also using other email addresses. He is also sending emails from “france@junkmail.com, jm@junkmail.co.za and JMClassifieds@junkmail.co.za.” These are not a verified Junk Mail email addresses so be warned if you receive any communication from this or any other suspicious email addresses please contact our Customer Care Team at ccc@junkmail.co.za to confirm that the email is legit.

Once you contact this con man he claims that you have to pay an amount to release your so-called “prize”. Once they receive the money from you, they vanish into thin air with your hard-earned cash in their bank account.

Please Note:  

This is a scammer. Junk Mail is not affiliated with “Elias Logistic Management”.  Junk Mail is not involved in brokering of deals or sales administration.  Junk Mail does not have lucky draws giving away cars to our users.  Junk Mail does not used web based e-mail accounts to e-mail our users (eg  @webmail.co.za, @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, or @junkmail.com etc).  If you receive an e-mail from one of the Junk Mail team members the e-mail address will end with “@junkmail.co.za” (not with “@junkmail.com”).

This is the official response from “Elias Logistics Management” that this con artists is a scammer trying to defraud our users. These persons are claiming to be affiliated with Junk Mail and they are most certainly not.  If you receive this e-mail response or a response similar to from someone claiming to be part of the Junk Mail team please contact our Customer Care department via e-mail at ccc@junkmail.co.za or telephonically at 012-3423840 x2295 to verify the contest.

Also note: 

Junk Mail runs competitions from time to time, but users will not be notified in this fashion about the competition. We normally notify our users via our Facebook pages or via one of our newsletters. We are currently running a series of competitions for our Western Cape users on our Junk Mail Cape Town Facebook Page. If you live in Cape Town and are interested in entering, please read these posts for more information.

Multiple posts have been published in the Safety & Security section on the Junk Mail blog to continually warn and remind all our users about the various scams in the market place. If you do find a scam or come across suspicious activity, please inform us about it so we can investigate and warn our other users.

Thanks for taking part in today’s scam busting class and we hope these lessons have helped you to be safe, more savvy and smart when buying and selling online!

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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