New scam targets Junk Mail users

Scam Warning 02We have received reports about a  scam doing its rounds. It’s not the first time that this scammer (Mr Keith Ho) claims to be an employee at Junk Mail, but this time around he’s claiming that there’s a new trade advertiser payment policy:

The response that is being sent out by him reads as follows:

Junk mail classifieds new advert change of payment alert: Junk mail publishing group pty have received your recent advert online on our website. Your Advert reference number is (0818421712). Our new system advert policy required all trade advertisers to pay R49 for 24 hours / R250 for two weeks/ R500 for a month to allow our system to distribute your advert to all mobile networks / in print in our classifieds papers in front page and to allow customers to purchase your advert immediately. Make your payment today before 24 hours for us not to deactivate your online advert in our system. Make payment by Eft/Bank Deposit/Bank Transfer/Internet banking using your advert reference number for bank payments to ABSA BANK LIMITED: Account No:4067268829 Branch Code:632005 Advert Reference No:(0818421712). Do not worry to send us your payment slip because our system will automatically detect it once you use your advert reference number for bank payment . For more enquiries regarding this department please contact our online/ mobile advert consultant on phone Mr.Keith Ho @ Reception: (060) 442 5450 (011) 310 5662 COPYRIGHT © 2013 – JUNK MAIL ® PUBLISHING

Take note:

This whole response is completely false. Mr Keith Ho is not an employee at Junk Mail. He’s actually someone looking for victims to defraud out of there hard-earned cash.  This response is full of spelling mistakes – even our brand name is spelled incorrectly. The e-mail address that he is using ( is not a valid Junk Mail e-mail address – it doesn’t exist. The telephone numbers being used are also not Junk Mail office telephone numbers. Our contact telephone numbers are clearly set out on the Junk Mail ‘Contact Us’ page. Junk Mail has also NOT implemented a payment system for Trade Advertisers.

Junk Mail will NOT inform users about policy changes or payment systems via a response on an advert. If there are changes in this field or realm Junk Mail will notify users immediately via an official newsletter, an article on the Junk Mail Blog, the Junk Mail Classifieds Facebook page or the @junkmailcoza Twitter profile.

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Please report any fraudulent activity that you encounter whilst using Junk Mail to our Customer Care department via or telephonically on 012-3423840 x2295 (during office hours).

Be Informed! Make sure that you check out the regularly updated scam warnings on the Junk Mail Safety Security page.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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14 Responses

  1. Melandi Stanton says:

    I submit this scam as an online company, Goeiehoop handel, scamed me out of R8500. I ordered Typek paper (100 boxes) paid the monies but haven’t received any goods. Trying to contact these guys are beyond impossible and if they do answer their phones, they have a very “good” explanation as to why not the goods haven’t been shipped. When I told them I would arrange my own couriers, they gave a non-existing address. They have a book full of excuses to why not my couriers didn’t find the address. How is this okay and how is it possible that they can get away with it. I will not leave it as this. I will do anything in my power to prevent anyone from falling into the same trap as I did. Please circulate. Regards

  2. itumeleng segole says:

    well i also got a call from some lady telling me to pay a certain amount for my advert to be printed on newspapers and for people to access it immediately i just told her No thanks then hung up

    • Liezl Grobler says:

      Hi Itumeleng. Thanks, please report any fraudulent activity that you encounter whilst using Junk Mail to our Customer Care department via or telephonically on 012-3423840 x2295 (during office hours).

  3. mmakatlego says:

    Gud ppl am looking for a VIP mobile toilets please assist me

  4. William says:

    Someone is posting ads on my name and number I have never placed the ads as the person has something against me and trying to complicate my life. The name that is used is William and the number is 012 682 9460. Please do not place the ads with this information

  5. Jonathan says:

    Hi. I have just placed two ads. on junkmail and have read the above scams.
    Thank you for showing these – it gives us (the public) a good idea of what to look out for.
    You are a totally responsible organization. Thanks again.

  6. khensane says:

    Hi my name is Khensani me and partner we both were looking to buy cars so we send the massage to the seller of the cars which it was 4 different types of cars but to our supricse the seller contacted us both it it was the same person for all 4 different cars with the same name and story he said he’s name is Bruno Smith he was working for geographical documentary South Africa and hes home is london he has to go back that is why he is selling the car or cars blabla so I just want to know is this guy for really
    Because to me something does not sound right it is very strange or maybe he is a dealership please comment if someone knows something about Bruno Smith

  7. Goodwell Malanda says:

    Thanks for your mail and warnings.Despite my late response I appreciate your response and warnings and the several cases of people being victims.Still responding to the numerous responses

  8. Margaret says:

    Fourieunipoultry posted on junk mail is a scam and I fell for it. I was in such a hurry to buy point of lay chickens and I overlooked the importance nitty gritties to take care of

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