New SMS Scam Alert

A new SMS scam has popped out its ugly head in recent times. It seems that scammers are not giving up in this day and age. Please take note of this SMS scam and avoid being caught by it.

How This SMS Scam Works: An SMS message is sent via 08151611160 (a number on the 8ta Mobile Network) which states the following:

SMS: Credit card purchase R3700 will be debited from your credit card account Ref LG LAPTOP For inquiries contact GAME STORE on 0815161160

If the receiver of this SMS responds, they are asked to contact them and give them their credit card details to complete the sale. The same number has been used in an attempted First National Bank scam. In that case the SMS stated the following:

FNBJ Your one time debit order for R2540.80 will be deducted from your account on 2011-11-29 13:30. To cancel the transaction send your last 6 digits card number and Atm Pin to 0815161160 or visit your nearest fnb branch.Yours sincerely, fnb online customer support @2011 First National Bank-a division of First Rand Bank Limited.

Junk Mail has already notified both Game and 8ta about this scam.

To Avoid This Scam: Don’t reply to the SMS, simply ignore it or delete it off your phone.

If you receive the SMS asking you to contact them on a different number, please contact our Customer Care Department via e-mail at or telephonically on 012-3423840 x2295 (during office hours) and supply them with the details.

You are also welcome to report any other fraudulent activity you encounter to our Customer Care Department.

For more information about Scams, check out the Junk Mail Safety and Security page.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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