Nissan Sentra 200sti: Affordable, reliable and durable

Nissan has a reputation for manufacturing durable and reliable vehicles and the Nissan Sentra 200sti is no exception. With its compact size and light-to-medium performance, the Nissan Sentra 200sti has become a well-known vehicle on the South African market. Second hand vehicles offer an affordable method of transportation which makes this model accessible to people who are on a budget.


Nissan is committed to manufacturing quality vehicles which meet the needs of the South African market. The company’s attention to detail ensures that they produce drivable and good looking vehicles. Using cutting edge technology, their cars reflect the latest developments in the automotive industry. Nissan strives to offer an outstanding service which ensures customer satisfaction. The company was founded in 1933 and it has grown since then to become a prosperous business which manufactures a wide range of products both locally and globally. With over 70 years of experience, Nissan manufactures first-rate vehicles.


The Sentra is a compact car which was first sold on the international market in 1982. It was also sold as the Nissan Sunny and the Tsuru overseas. Model changes over each generation have kept the Sentra current with the latest vehicle trends. Interior updates, additional safety features and alterations in the exterior design have added to the appeal of this model.


There are many advantages to finding a Nissan Sentra for sale. The manufacturer’s reputation for producing durable vehicles makes buying a used model a viable option. The cost of a second hand model is affordable. Another benefit of buying a Nissan Sentra is that they are relatively easy and affordable to maintain. The vehicle’s acceleration capabilities and flexible powertrain make it suitable for navigating city traffic.


The Nissan Sentra 200sti performance, price tag and durability make it a good vehicle to own. Over the years this model has evolved to keep up with current trends and the latest model offers good drivability.

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