Outdoor fireplaces to heat up winter nights

Keep warm this winter by adding an outdoor fireplace to your home. Whether you choose to build an enclosed wood burning fireplace or a fire pit, there are plenty of advantages to adding this feature to your backyard. A freestanding fireplace can be used to create an eye-catching feature in your garden. If you want to create a cosy area to gather with your friends and family, find fireplaces for sale on Junk Mail.

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What is an outdoor fireplace?

Adding a fireplace to your backyard is a great way to keep warm this winter. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, don’t let the cold weather prevent you from enjoying dinner on your patio. Not only can you stay cosy with an outdoor fireplace, you can keep your guests warm too. Outdoor fireplaces are a great feature to have when you are entertaining friends.

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At the next social gathering that you host at your home guests can sit around the freestanding fireplace. Fireplaces can also be used to create a beautiful decorative feature that adds to the aesthetics of your garden. Typical designs include a firebox as well as a chimney. The firebox is usually constructed from stone or brick. The most common are wood burning fireplaces.

While wood is usually used as fuel for the fire, gas burning options are available. Take your outdoor fireplace to the next level by adding a spit or rack. With these functional additions you can use the fire to keep warm as well as for cooking. Whether you are cooking pizzas or roasting marshmallows cooking outdoors is fun for the whole family. You can add some romance to your home by creating an outdoor fireplace.

This cosy outdoor area is great for cuddling up this winter and spending quality time with your loved ones. A fireplace in your backyard adds value to your home as it increases the aesthetic and functional appeal of your property.

Types of Fireplaces for Sale

The types of fireplaces are differentiated by their design as well as the material that they are made out of. Traditional fireplaces include a chimney while a popular modern variation is a fire pit. A key factor is the source of the fire. A wood burning fireplace adds to the ambiance of your outdoor entertainment area.

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Gas fireplaces are more convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. A brick, stone or concrete built-in fireplace can be enclosed to increase safety. A freestanding fireplace is another option which can be used to create a landscaping feature in your backyard. You may choose to create a fire pit which is a completely open fire.

The traditional method of building a fire pit is to dig the pit directly into the ground and surround it with stones. You can also choose to build a raised or portable fire pit. Your outdoor fireplace can be used for cooking which would require you to add shelves or grills.

If you intend to use the fire to cook food, you will need to consider the location of your fireplace. Placing it close to your patio or entertainment area is easier than carrying food to a location that is further away from your kitchen.

Patio Heaters

If an outdoor fireplace is not for you, another awesome option is a patio heater. You can warm up your outdoor area with a patio heater. With plenty of different designs and placement options, you can choose a heater that best matches your outdoor space.

The versatility of patio heaters adds to their appeal. These heaters can be distinguished by the different types of fuel that they use which include gas, propane and electricity. When it comes to design you can choose between table top, ceiling and stand-up models. An advantage of patio heaters is that there are portable models available.

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With a table top heater, another form of a freestanding fireplace, you can enjoy a cosy meal outdoors with your family. Patio heaters offer high standards of safety which is great when it comes to protecting your children and pets. While patio heaters are a luxury, they are also affordable. There are a variety of well-known brands and models to choose from.

The Terrance Leisure San Marco 250 gas heater is priced at R1799. This mild steel model has an output of 13 kW and it is equipped with a 1 76cm aluminium reflector. Alva manufactures a table top gas heater which has a price tag of R1499.

This stainless steel model features a safety guard and a 535 mm deflector. You can buy a Megamaster Firepoint for R14 999. This mild steel model delivers 9.8 kW of energy. The heater that you buy depends on the size of the area that you want to heat up as well as your budget.

It is easy finding fireplaces for sale on Junk Mail, there are plenty of different types to choose from. This winter you can still enjoy your backyard whilst staying warm with an outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor fireplaces to heat up winter nights
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Outdoor fireplaces to heat up winter nights
Whether you choose to build an enclosed wood burning fireplace or a fire pit, there are plenty of advantages to adding this feature to your backyard.
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