Owning the Dream Car

Cars-for-sale-DurbanIt might not be the most reasonable thing to do, but I would highly recommend that, when looking for cars for sale, at least once in your life, go for the dream car.

I’m one of the lucky few that have a variety of different dream cars that I would love to own and funnily enough, they are all of the old and fairly cheap variety. They are, in no particular order: the Lotus (Caterham) 7, the MG B GT and the original, 1960’s Mini Cooper S. All of the cars on my list are, with the exception of the Mini Cooper S, very attainable, which makes finding my dream car fairly easy and, more importantly, fairly cheap. Especially when compared to the other fantasy rides which often include the likes of big Mercs, vintage Aston Martins or even the latest Italian supercars.

As unattainable as many a dream car is, when you have one, life will just get better. There is nothing more satisfying than wandering into your garage and seeing that you get to drive to work in a car that can make you smile. But, you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that owning your dream car is, and always will be, a complete walk in the park. Dream cars of the older variety, will often require constant attention, especially if your garage looks anything like mine. Supercars, as dreamy as they are, weren’t really made for the daily commute, so, if you plan on having one in your garage, you’d best keep something lying around to drive to the shops.

Now I hope I haven’t deterred you in any way, if so, I do apologise, that was not my intention. Owning a dream car, despite all the effort you’ll need to put into it, will be one of the greatest things ever. But then again, it’s your dream car. It’s not supposed to be sensible, it’s supposed to make you smile and it doesn’t matter how it does it. It could be whilst driving down the perfect road, tinkering with the engine and changing the oil, or it could even be when you’re stuck on the side of the road, in a cloud of black smoke, waiting for a tow truck, and you have nothing else to do but marvel at its beauty.

So if you’re looking for a new car, don’t concern yourself with reliability or practicality. Buy the one that makes you smile. If you need help finding the car and were wondering where to shop for cars for sale in Durban, have a look at Junk Mail. Our Cars for Sale section has an exciting array of brilliant cars, both old and new.

Saskia Meintjes

Hyperactive, extremely realistic and addicted to reading can best describe me. Life is all about the good memories and sitting around will not create them.

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