P.E.T.S Saving One Life At a Time

Every day hundreds of animals are neglected but for some silly reason this amount increases during the festive season. Pets get scared and run away, they go looking for attention when their owners go on holiday, every second child wants a puppy from Santa but soon gets fed up 4 months down the line and so it goes on!

Not only do we at Junk Mail urge you to take the best care possible when going on holiday as well as to teach your children that animals are a lifelong commitment but we praise those that go the extra mile in providing a helping hand as much as they can where they can! We’ve covered a few non-profit organizations before and this week it’s P.E.T.S (Pet Empowerment in Townships) turn.

P.E.T.S is a registered, nonprofit rescue organization actively fighting for the life and wellbeing of animals. They started in 2007 and are currently saving lives in JHB and Cape Town with a remarkable team.

They work very hard to get to animals in need, day or night and sometimes in some very scary situations, but are always willing to help or to make a plan for help!

P.E.T.S and their volunteers work closely in communities providing meals, shelters, inoculations, sterilizations and needed vet care for animals that are in desperate need. They also re-home animals that are lost and unwanted.

P.E.TS has since they started, sterilized over 3000 animals and are actively busy arranging their next Spayathon; where a bunch of volunteers get together, enter Townships, round up the pups and do what’s needed!

This organization, as many others rely solely on donations of the public and corporate world to cover bills of vet care, food and other needed projects.

We at Junk Mail would like to give a very big thank you to P.E.T.S, their hard working Volunteers, Foster care and each and every one that truly cares about our animals! As well as to their Sponsors such as Hills, Die Burger, Purina and Montego just to name a few and their Partners!

If you would like to make a donation to .PE.T.S or would like to sign up as a Volunteer, please visit their Facebook page for more information!

Don’t forget to tell us in a comment of any other organization that you would like to see here! Spread the word and save a life!


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