Party Bus Hire: Cruise the city streets in style

If you want to party in style then the only way to do it properly is to find a party bus hire service. Why party in one place when you can paint the town red by visiting different places in a bus that caters to your partying needs on the way too? If you don’t really know much about a party bus then keep on reading. We will explain all the ins and outs of this vehicular good time and give you a rundown of where you can find one in South Africa.


What is a party bus?

A party bus is known by a few names. It’s sometimes called a party van, luxury bus, party ride and a party limo. Essentially this is a very large motorized vehicle that is normally a fully customized bus or transporter vehicle. These vehicles can normally carry seven or more people and the bus is usually fitted with recreational devices like a bar, lighting and a great music system. These party busses can be hired from ‘specialised’ companies. Usually people will hire these busses for special occasions like birthdays, graduations and matric dances. The bus is usually driven by registered and licensed chauffeurs as there is a lot of drinking that goes on in these vehicles. The driver has to be sober at all times and, according to South African law, they need to have a public driving license as they are transporting people in exchange for money.


Party bus design

A party bus will have the ability to seat seven or more people quite comfortably. This will depend on how the internal bus has been customized. There are even articulated busses that have been used and they can sometimes hold up to sixty nine people at one time. People have even been known to use a chassis and completely rebuild the body to suit its party bus hire purpose.


In terms of customization, party busses have so many different amenities. Most busses will have upgraded sound systems and lighting displays so the people inside the bus can experience a party atmosphere as they drive around. A lot of them will also have fridges to store alcohol and a small bar so people can be served on the drive. You will also see greatly improved seating arrangements so you can relax and party in comfort. Besides what we have already mentioned, you may also find the following amenities in a specialised bus of this nature: power door locks and windows, power and or heated mirrors, stripper poles, luggage partitions, cameras, smoke machines, big air-conditioning systems, laser and strobe lights and some even have toilets. Party busses are used by people for everything from long weekend trips to nights on the town.

Why hire a party bus?

  • If you want to get your party on then you will most likely be having a drink or two and this party-on-wheels is the best way to have fun and remain within the law.
  • Bus hire companies often have relationships with the local pubs, bars and nightclubs so you can get in for much cheaper than normal or even free of charge.
  • Hiring a bus and splitting the costs between all the guests is much cheaper than paying for fuel and pre-drinks for each person as the bus is hired on an hourly basis.
  • A bus will drop you off back home safely so you don’t have to worry about catching a lift or getting home at the end of the night.
  • Most party busses will allow you to bring your own booze which will mean even more savings if split between you and your guests.
  • Lastly, you can party in between each location as if you were at the location already and party all the way home too.


If you are now keen on hiring a party bus then let’s help you with some awesome party bus hire companies in South Africa.

Party bus hire Cape Town

If you needed to find a company that does what the name says then the “Party Bus Hire” Company in Cape Town is on the money. These guys have a huge range of party busses – from a customized 7 seater all the way to a 40 seater double decker bus. The double decker bus is their most popular bus and it’s been fully customized with a bar, great sound, televisions, plush modern interior and even a toilet. It also has a rear facing balcony that can double as a mobile venue. If you want to find the best party bus Cape Town has to offer then give these guys a call. They are also on whatsapp, BBM and have an Android App too.


Image Source: Party Bus Hire Website.

This company is also very flexible as they have a policy where you can choose the route you want. They don’t dictate to you which routes you can take so you can plan the party route you want.

Party bus Johannesburg

A very famous Company in Johannesburg is “Take You There”. The company is particularly known for their shuttle services to big sporting events ad concerts. They also have the craft brew tour and the Soweto Shebeen Experience tour on offer. Their flagship party bus hire Johannesburg Mega Beer Tour has been in existence since 2012 and if you go on this tour, you will experience a record eighteen types of craft beer. The Shebeen Experience will give you the ability to experience what proper shebeen crawling is like in a safe and controlled environment.


Image Source: Take You There Facebook Page.

‘Take you there’ can take you there in many different kinds of bus variants. They can cater to any requirements their customers could possibly have.

Party bus hire Durban

Another company that’s on the money with its name and service is “The Party Bus” in Durban. This company began in 2010 and has been running its service to a wide range of clients in a very safe and reliable manner.


Image Source: The Party Bus Website.

One thing this company does different is they offer something known as a “Nooky Party”. This offering is an ‘all ladies’ experience that offers fun packages for ‘ladies only’ parties, complete with naughty games and shirtless male waiters. So if you and your lady friends want to experience a fun filled night out on the town, without worrying about drinking too much and driving, then the Nooky Party offered by The Party Bus in Durban is definitely something to look into.


Image Source: The Party Bus Facebook Page.

If you are ever wondering what the best way to party is then your answer is party bus hire. It’s the safest way to have a good time and not have to worry about drinking too much or driving home under the influence. You are also traveling around in style and in a great atmosphere that might even leave you wondering why you should leave the bus at all. A party bus is a full-on mobile party and when it’s time to get your groove on, this is the best way to do it. Do you offer party services? Place your FREE AD on today!

Party Bus Hire: Cruise the city streets in style
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Party Bus Hire: Cruise the city streets in style
If you are now keen on hiring a party bus then let’s help you with some awesome party bus hire companies in South Africa.
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