Paul the ‘Psychic’ Octopus predicts that Spain will beat Germany today

Paul the Psychic octopus lives in the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. He makes his football predictions by choosing between 1 of 2 mussel-baited transparent cubes marked with either the German flag or the national flag of their opponents in FIFA world Cup matches. The container that Paul chooses first is interpreted to indicate his prediction for who will win the upcoming game.

The German football team is in state of shock. The famous octopus has chosen a mussel from a glass tank marked with a Spanish flag while ignoring the tank marked with the German colors. He has indicated a Spanish victory in second semi-final. Oracle Paul correctly predicted the outcome of other German matches including the team’s win over hot favorites Argentina and the talented English side. The octopus only got 1 of his 5 picks wrong for the 2008 European Championship. Strangely enough, it also involved Spain. Paul picked Germany over Spain for this match but Spain beat Germany by 1 goal to 0.

This is a news report on Russia Today about Paul the Psychic Octopus:

Only time will tell if Paul the Psychic Octopus will be correct with his prediction for today’s semi-final match between Germany and Spain in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Germany is one of the favorites to win the tournament. They beat Australia by 4 goals to 0 in the group stages, England by 4 goals to 1 in the 2nd round and they beat Argentina by 4 goals to 0 in the quarter finals. Germany has 3 FIFA World Cup titles under its belt. Spain had a slow start (losing against Switzerland in the group stages) but bounced back with victories over Portugal (in the 2nd round) and over Paraguay (in the quarter finals). It’s the first time that Spain has reached the semi-final stage of a FIFA World Cup. Spain have never won a FIFA World Cup tournament. The winner of this match will face the Netherlands in the final of the tournament on the 11th of July at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg.


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15 Responses

  1. Niekie Erasmus says:

    Some psychic hey. No i dont believe it , its human lucky picking not a octopus , the octopus will go to the best scented flag, duhh, nice way to make some money on publicity stunt. Oooopppss wrong flag, BAD OCTOPUS BAD OCTOPUS!!!!!! 

  2. JOE says:

    Spanje gaan die einstyd wen. Paul die Seekat het te min pote om hierdie bal te keer.

  3. Barry says:

    Nou moet die gesegde verander. Dit is nou nie meer “so slim soos ‘n boom vol uile” nie, maar “so slim soos ‘n vistank vol seekatte”

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really love this Octopus.

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