Junk Mail Classifieds pioneers regulatory policy for advertising pets online

Junk Mail Classifieds, through a collaborative partnership with Ban Animal Trading SA (BAT)/ Beauty without Cruelty (BWC) has crafted a pet advertising policy that is being tabled to the broader online classifieds’ as a best practice.Junk-Mail-Cares

“We have been working with Junk Mail on highlighting and addressing our key concerns about online pet trading, since August 2013.  The discussions have led us to collaboratively establish an online pet advertising policy, that we believe will start a conversation amongst consumers about adopting rather than buying pets – be they domestic or exotic,” says Dr Smaragda Louw, organiser for Ban Animal Trading SA/ Beauty Without Cruelty in Gauteng.

Key takeouts of the advertising policy, which will be tabled in mid-July, include an outright ban on advertising of breeds associated with dog fighting ; all giveaway dogs and puppies (‘free to good home’ pets); exotic reptiles such as venomous snakes, exotic mammals, primates ,specified birds and arachnids.

“Despite being the leader in an incredibly competitive classified landscape in South Africa, we are implementing a pet advertising policy that forfeits a significant portion of our most popular section, after cars, as a demonstration of our committed partnership with Beauty without Cruelty,” says Felix Erken, managing director of Junk Mail Classifieds

Junk Mail Classifieds will reserve the right to refuse any advertiser or advertisement that doesn’t meet the pet advertising policy requirements.

“With the largest pet advertising section in the local online classified space, it seems fitting that we set the tone and pace for the adoption of a policy intended to eradicate the unethical and dubious trading of pets and we are calling on other online classifieds, to follow in our footsteps,” says Erken.

Concludes Louw: “We believe the time is right for animals, for protecting their rights, and are delighted to be taking this step with the Junk Mail family.”

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