Junk Mail changes pet policy for online advertising

On 1 July we announced that we will be adapting our online pet policy with regards to advertising in accordance with Operation Bite Back. The news was received very positively from Junk Mail users and activists alike.Free-to-good-home-not-allowed

To clarify the reasons why we, Junk Mail, amended our Online Pets Advertising Policy, to ensure everyone involved are aware of each and every change to the policy and the reason behind it:

Change 1: no ‘giveaway / free to good home’ pet ads in the Dog and Puppy category

Placing an advert for a ‘Free-to-good’ home puppy or dog opens up the probability of people associated with dog fighting rings you up, selling you a ‘soppy’ tale and taking the dog to be used as either a ‘bait dog’ or fighter in the fighting ring.

Here is a list of reasons if the above did not satisfy your curiosity:

  1. The most obvious: Dogs used as ‘bait’
  2. To be used in muti-related practices
  3. The dog can be tortured / killed by animal abusers
  4. Dogs can be neglected
  5. Small puppies can become dinner for snakes
  6. Unspayed or unneutered dogs may end up as ‘breeding stock’ for a puppy mill

Join Junk Mail and Ban Animal Trading SA in looking after our pets and teaching others about the dangers of advertising pets as ‘free to good homes’. The NSPCA suggests finding a home for your pet with a close friend or family member or surrendering the pet to a shelter.

#operationbiteback engage!

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