PlayStation 4 for sale from tomorrow

PlayStation 4PlayStation fanatics have been waiting patiently for the release of the new PlayStation 4 console and it has come just in time for Christmas.

The PlayStation 4 will be available in stores from 13 December and you can expect queues of people at the doors if you can think back on previous releases of the console.

The PS4 has 10 times the processing power of the PS3 which will create experiences that are bigger, bolder and more immersive.

PlayStation 4 will also allow for smarter play:

  • Automatic Background Updates – Software and Game updates downloaded in the background
  • PlayAsYouDownload – Purchase a game from PlayStation Store and play it as it download(s)
  • Personalised Content – PS4 learns your gameplay and adapts it to suit you
  • Play Used Games – You can trade-in, sell, lend or keep it. It’s your choice.

The PS4 also comes with a new Dualshock 4 controller. It has a SHARE button for instant social sharing with your friends, a new touch pad and a coloured light bar.

The PS4 PlayStation Camera will enable you to stream live gameplay, record walkthroughs and chat with friends. You will be able to log in to PS4 through facial recognition and use voice commands to navigate the PS4 system menu.

If you are as excited about the PS4 as I am but are hesitant to whip out over R6000 from your wallet, don’t fret!  Junk Mail will help you out.  Sell your old PlayStation Console on Junk Mail and you are halfway there!

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