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The sleek, jet black PlayStation 4 offers players unparalleled gaming experiences, unleashing storylines which will stretch the imagination and test gaming skills. If you are looking for a PlayStation for sale, this model is a good option.

What the PlayStation 4 offers:

The PlayStation 4 offers smarter play and users are guided to select games which are compatible with their unique preferences. The system reviews the player’s previous purchases in order to recommend games which match their favourite genres. Game titles include Flower, Knack, Soundshapes, Battlefield 4 and Just Dance 2014.

The PS4 allows players to connect to the gaming community. Players can share tips with friends and recommend their favourite games to people online. Another advantage of this feature is that players can obtain help from other enthusiasts if they are stuck at a certain part of the game. The PS4 allows users to have a maximum of 2 000 friends and people that have recently played together can be located on this list. Communication is possible via text messages. Players can share highlights from their games and the video editor makes it possible to add special effects and commentary to the footage.


Players can maximise their gaming experience and begin playing as soon as they purchase a game. After a title is chosen the first part of the game will download so that they can start playing without delay. It is, therefore, not necessary to wait for the full version to download. The PlayStation app allows users to keep up to date by viewing other players’ sessions. This app makes it possible to select and download games to the console.

There is a range of accessories available for the PlayStation 4 including the Dualshock 4 wireless controller which will enhance the user’s experience with advanced dual analog sticks as well as trigger buttons. The Dualshock 4 requires two hours to charge via the PS4 or charging station. The PlayStation Gold wireless headset enhances the gaming experience with top quality audio and surround sound.

Looking to buy a Sony PlayStaion 4?


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