Prepare to be amazed by the 2013 Durban Airshow

The 2013 Durban Airshow will take place at the Virginia Airport (North of Durban) on Saturday the 13th of July 2013. This event promises to be fun for the whole family. Prospective visitors should prepare themselves to be amazed.

Durban Airshow 02

The Durban Airshow has been going for more than 15 years and offers something for everyone. This year’s event will have food stalls for the hungry and awesome activities for children. There will also be adrenaline-pumping and dramatic aerobatic displays from all kinds of aircraft.

The organizers are well aware that dramatic aerobatic displays are not everyone’s cup of tea so they are encouraging business jet owners to show off the beauty and magnificence of their fast jetliners at the show as well. They are also working hard to ensure that there are a lot more aircraft to check out at the show this year.

Durban Airshow

Events like the Durban Airshow are important. They give visitors an insight in the workings of an airfield and all the services that go with it like charters, schedules, fuel sales, aircraft maintenance and sales. They also introduce people to flying who haven’t seen or experienced it and have the potential to inspire all the wannabe pilots out there to pursue a career in aviation.

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For more information about the show, check out the KZN Winter Air Tour website or e-mail Tickets to the 2013 Durban Air Show cost R100 for adults and R50 for kids.  Tickets for a family of four cost R250 and tickets for a family of five cost R290. Family packages are only available online and must be pre-booked.

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