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Great news for fans of animated films! Rio 2 is coming in 2014. The film is the sequel the 2011 film Rio. It’s the first animated 20th Century Fox film to have sequel since the 2002 film Ice Age. It’s also second animated film sequel to be announced for next year: a teaser trailer for How to Train your Dragon 2 was also released by Dreamworks recently.

Rio 2 02

In Rio 2 Blu, Jewel and their three kids are living the perfect domesticated parrot life in Rio De Janeiro. Jewel decides that their kids need to learn to live like real birds and she demands that they move to the Amazon rain forest. They encounter a wide range of new and interesting characters, Blu encounters his old nemesis Nigel the cockatoo and faces the fear that he has for losing Jewel and his family to the call of the wild.

Rio 2 re-unites most of the cast that appeared in the first movie. The film will feature the voice talents of  Jesse Eisenberg (Blu), Anne Hathaway (Jewel), Leslie Mann (Linda), Jemaine Clement (Nigel), George Lopez (Rafael), Jamie Foxx (Nico), (Rafael), Jake T. Austin (Fernando), Tracy Morgan (Luiz), Rodrigo Santoro, Kristin Chenoweth, veteran comedic actor John Leguizamo, veteran dramatic actor Andy Garcia, Amanda Stenberg, Pierce Gagnon, pop star Bruno Mars, Rita Moreno and various others.

Rio 2

Rio 2 is directed by Brazilian born Carlos Saldanha (who directed the first film and two of the Ice Age films). He also co-wrote the story for the upcoming film with Don Rhymer. This was the last film that Don Rhymer wrote before he passed away in November 2012. Rhymer wrote the screenplay for various other films and TV episodes (including Rio, Big Momma’s House, Evening Shade and Coach).

Rio 2 is scheduled for release in the United States in April 2014. No release dates have been confirmed for South African audiences yet, but keep a close eye on the Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor websites for updates.

The first film was a surprise success story. Rio was made on a budget of  only $90 million but earned close to $500 million at the box office. Judging by the trailer for Rio 2 below this film is definitely one of the most anticipated films of 2014. Don’t take my word for it though, judge for yourself:

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