What present to get your boyfriend or husband

Be it a birthday, anniversary or even Father’s day, it is always a challenge to buy a present for your male counterpart. It would be simpler if there was a present fairy to provide you with ideas on what to get your partner.

Well, you are in luck… I am going to be your present ‘fairy’ today.

This Blog will be sectioned in three common male hobbies, Sport, Technological and Lifestyle. Each section will provide you with gift ideas for your boyfriend/husband. There will also be a gifts to avoid, and gifts that might come across as a little offensive.


It is unlikely for you to find a man that doesn’t like some form of sport. Be it soccer, cricket, rugby or even golf. This section is a very safe one, because you can never go wrong. Men love anything that is sport.

It would be nice to know what teams your man supports and who his favourite players are.

What to get him?

Sport Equipment


Sport Gear (e.g. soccer/rugby jerseys).


Cooler bag and camping chair


Autographed Sport shirt/equipment



As hard as it may be to believe, the best toys to get a man are hi-tech items. Technological gadgets are not only for nerds, men just love the feel of something new to play with or use.

It would be best to know what he already has and what he needs, so you can know what to get him.

What to get him?

External hard-drives


Wireless Keyboards and Mice




Latest video games/Next generation consoles/Console Accessories


Headphones/technological accessories such as customised USB’s


iPads and Phone accessories



Lifestyle is a very tricky category, because often people get things wrong. Just like women, men also like things that will make them feel and look amazing.

What to get him?



Gift Vouchers- instead of you buying him clothes, you can give him the power to choose whatever he wants.


Elegant Shoes/Sneakers


Customised Lighter


What you should avoid?

Just as there are things that you can get him, there are things that you should avoid. Things such as socks, tie, scarf, beanies, sandals, teddy bears, bath salts, photo frame and pyjamas are considered a complete no, no.

All the aforementioned are things that they can get themselves. Be different and get him something that will make him aware that you acknowledge his hobbies.

There are also things that might offend him. Avoid getting him gifts that might make him wonder what you might be insinuating. With gifts such as body sprays and a gym membership card, your simple consideration might be thought of as a sign for him to trim a little.

Nevertheless, it all depends on the person’s personality. Men are very fussy about their toys, so be very careful when choosing. Are you looking for toys for boys? Visit the Junk Mail website for the most affordable prices.

Yolanda Zondo

Writers see the world differently. Every voice we hear, every face we see, every hand we touch could become story fabric

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