Preserve your memories with beautiful Photo Frames

Photographs are a great way to capture timeless moments with your loved ones. Instead of keeping images stored digitally where nobody can see them, why not print your photos out and put them on display by finding absolutely stunning picture frames for sale? Framed photographs can add a personalised touch to your home. Not only do attractive photo frames enhance your décor, photographs also help to create a welcoming ambiance in your room. There are plenty of ways to display the images of the happy times that you have enjoyed with the special people in your life.


Photo collage frames allow you to display a variety of photos in one frame. A digital photo frame is another great option if you have a bunch of photos that you want to display. Love photo frames make a great gift for your significant other.

While picture framing can be expensive there are other affordable options. If you are feeling creative, you can even use DIY photo frames.


Today we take a closer look at the different types of frames, some great DIY ideas and even highlight some of the awesome deals on Junk Mail.

Top Tips for Choosing Picture Frames

When you are choosing picture frames there are a variety of factors to consider. Firstly you will need to decide which room the frame will be placed in. The ambiance of the room that you select will influence your choice of frame. The frame will need to match the photo and the room.


Decide if you want the photo to be a prominent feature in the room or not. If you want to make the photo stand out, choose a dominating and eye-catching frame. If you are showcasing an important photo, it may be better to draw attention to it by choosing a larger frame.


The size of the photograph will also impact your decision. Decide on the colour of your frame. The colour will need to complement the photo and match the décor of your room. The most important thing to remember when you are choosing a frame is that your decision must be based on your personal taste. Choose a frame that you enjoy looking at. A frame that seems like a good match to you is more likely to leave you feeling satisfied with your choice.

The Different types of Picture Frames for Sale

When you are choosing a frame to display your photos in, it is important to know what types are available. The style that you choose will depend both on the photograph and the decor of your home. You will also need to decide how you are going to display your photo. There are frames which are designed to hang on the wall and others which are best suited to stand on a coffee table or desk. Take a look at some of the modern photo frames which will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room.


Metal Photo Frames

The advantage of using metal frames is that they are resilient and versatile. With their stylish and robust design it is easy to see why these frames are popular. Another benefit to purchasing one of these frames is that they fit in with a wide range of décor. Whether your room has an elegant design or a minimalistic layout, metal frames are a good fit. There are a range of metals to choose from which are designed for different budgets and personal preferences. You can choose between sterling silver, pewter or brass. If you are looking for a personalised gift, a photograph in a metal frame is a great choice.


Wood Picture Frames

Wood photo frames have a matte finish. This type of frame is suitable for your office or home. Wooden frames can be used for a variety of displays including on a wall or desk. The natural look of these frames adds a stunning touch to homes which have a rustic style. Depending on the type of wood that is used, these frames are also perfect for modern houses that showcase wooden furniture. Wood that has been painted can add a splash of colour to your home.


Cloth Photo Frames

Why not take the same material that you used to decorate your room and use it to create a matching photo frame? You can also choose a ready-made cloth frame that matches the patterns of your room decor. These picture frames for sale contribute to a homely and welcoming feel in your room.


Photo Collage Frames

A photo collage is the perfect way to display numerous photos in a single frame. To show off your collage you will need a larger frame. Start your project by going through your images and selecting your favourites. Next you will need to print them out and cut away the background. Another option is to use a website to make a photo collage online before printing it out. You can organise your collage according to a theme. One suggestion is to organise your photos around the theme of the holidays. Or you could make separate collages which include one for family and another for friends. Once you have finished your collage you can choose a large photo frame which complements your choice of photos.


Mirror photo frames

Mirror photo frames add a sophisticated style to your photos. These elegant frames are ideal for displaying wedding photos. If you want to add a touch of class to your room, consider buying these types of picture frames.

Modern Digital Photo Frame

A Digital Photo Frame is an awesome way of showing off more than one photo in a single frame. These frames digitally store a series of photos which are displayed on a cycle. They look like a small computer screen and come with a stand so that the photos are easy to display.


When you are choosing a Digital photo frame you will need to know what to look out for. Digital photo frames make the perfect present for a loved one. While the primary function of these frames is to display pictures, the top of the range models have a range of additional features. These devices have WiFi connectivity as well as the ability to play both audio and video files.

The first step is to decide on what size frame to buy. Smaller frames are not suited to landscape photos. However if you buy a bigger display you will need to make sure that the photos were shot in a higher resolution. Regardless of the size it is advisable to find a model which offers a higher resolution as this will provide you with clear and vibrant display.


Another factor to consider is the aspect ratio of the frame. Typically, an aspect ratio of 4:3 is suitable for images that have been captured by a digital camera. The connectivity of the digital frame will also influence your decision. WiFi is a handy feature to have. Even if you don’t have WiFi you can still use the unplugged frame for a few hours if it has a built-in battery.

If you are buying a device that doesn’t offer WiFi, make sure that your memory card is compatible with the frame. Most models have a built-in memory so you can store the images on the frame and continue to use your memory card. Check the image formats that are supported by the frame and make sure that you have the software to convert your files if necessary.


Ease of operation is something to think about when you choose your digital photo frame. Some frames have a simple menu while you could also opt for a frame that has a remote control or touchscreen. Some frames allow you to connect to the internet. This means that you can check your emails or browse the web.

DIY Photo Frames and Ideas

If you want to escape from technology you can unleash your creativity and make DIY photo frames. Here are some awesome DIY projects to get you started.

Foam Board Frame

You can make inexpensive photo frames out of foam board. Not only is the project affordable, it is also fun. Firstly you will need to draw the frame onto the foam. You can use a template or draw the frame yourself using a ruler. Cut out the shape using a knife or sharp scissors. Next paint the foam in a colour of your choice. You may want to give the foam a few coats of paint. You can also use a special glaze to add an extra effect to your work.

Pallet Photo Frame

Using special Modge Podge, you can transfer photos onto wood. Pallets are a cheap source of wood that are perfect for DIY projects. The number of boards that you use will depend on the size of the photo as well as if you want to make the photo frame a feature in your room.


Image via Southern Revivals.

You can use three boards of pallet wood with pieces of wood at the back to join the boards together. Make laser prints of the photos that you want to use on copy paper. Print the photos as a mirror image so that the photo is reversed. Make sure that you remove any white edges from the photo.

Apply a layer of photo transfer Modge Podge to the photo and make sure that you coat the image completely. Apply the photo to the wood and press it softly to get rid of air bubbles. Let it dry for 24 hours and then remove the paper.


To transfer the paper, put a damp towel over it and then leave it for 2 minutes before softly rubbing the paper away. Don’t press hard as this may damage your image. Keep rubbing in circular motions slowly until all the paper is gone.

If some of the image comes off, it can add to the effect of your project as it will give it a more rugged appearance. Use regular Modge Podge to seal the image.

Decorative Bottle Frame

Glass bottles are an elegant way to display your photos and a super fun DIY photo frames idea. You can use transparent wine bottles and liquor bottles. Bottles with designs make attractive photo frames. Firstly wash the bottles and remove any labels with warm water and soap. Let the bottles dry completely before you continue to the next step.


For added decoration you can put sand and sea shells into the bottles. Roll your photo gently and push it into the bottle. You can use a pencil to push the photo down. Decorate the opening of the bottle with beads to finish off your project.

Picture Frames for sale on Junk Mail

If DIY projects aren’t for you, you can find inexpensive photo frames for sale on Junk Mail. Here are a few options that are currently available online.

Mahogany Wall Mounted Frames

Attractive mahogany frames are available in Johannesburg. The frames are priced at R81. Whether you want to display family photos or landscape shots, these frames are designed to complement your images. If you are looking for an elegant framing solution, these mahogany frames are a great choice.


Picture frame

You can find picture frames on Junk Mail. This new frame is priced at R 200. Its dimensions are 630mm x 585mm. The frame is crafted from solid wood and it has a dark brown finish.


Wooden Photo Frames

If you want to add a rugged feel to your photographs then these frames are perfect for you. Priced at R 30 the affordable frames have a natural look. You can use the frames as they are or paint them to create a refined finish. The frames are made from knotty pine.


Ready to find the most epic picture frames for sale on Junk Mail? Browse through all the awesome photo frames available from our Junk Mail advertisers. From a digital photo frame to beautiful photo collage frames, you will find it on Selling your picture frames? Place a Free Ad now!

Preserve your memories with beautiful Photo Frames
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Preserve your memories with beautiful Photo Frames
Not only do attractive photo frames enhance your décor, photographs also help to create a welcoming ambiance in your room...
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