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It’s been said that when a person dies in a tragic or unexpected manner like suicide or in an accident their souls don’t realise what has happened and they hang around between the living and passed world. That they repeatedly visit the scene of their death, waiting and wondering. The most famous of these stories being the ‘Spookmeisie van Uniondale’ who tells of a young girl who tragically died in a motor accident on Easter Weekend and still 40years later can be seen over the Easter Weekend reliving her accident, waiting for someone to pick her up…

Pretoria also holds a history of ghost legends and stories as old as the mountains, especially in the city’s older buildings and theatres. Unresolved cases including the Schubartpark Complex, the Old Prison and naturally the Erasmus home. Then there’s also the classic story of Daisy de Melker who poisoned and murdered her husbands.

Spookbus offers you the opportunity to dive deep into Pretoria’s history with an insight into the supernatural. They bring you a night filled with true ghost stories of our city, the legends and chilling experiences.

The Pretoria Spookbus Production is a multi-media theatre on wheels entertaining you on a four hour ride through Pretoria visiting all the spots worth knowing about according to history. They also tell you the difference between a ghost and a ghostly manifestation.

They focus on making you part of Pretoria’s past and with the stories fresh in your thoughts and being able to visit the buildings at the time you get to experience the chill first-hand.

No ghosts are called up and you will be safe at all times. It’s not their aim to frighten or scare you, but merely to educate you more on the ghostly world, energy fields and the history of your city including its own ghost legends and stories.

It’s advised to bring a warm jacket, comfortable walking shoes, a camera and torch. Refreshments will be available on board the bus so bring money if you would like to buy something; unfortunately no picnic baskets etc. are allowed.

Pretoria Spookbus’ next production takes place on 15 September 2012 at R219 per person, and for groups from 6- 10 people R199, 00 per person.

Be sure to join Spookbus in the sounds of silence for an entertaining and educating night out on Pretoria. Check out their Facebook fan page for more info.

Adeline Vorster

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  1. Rudzani says:

    Gosh, this is so fascinating. I just wish there were posters of it because I am only learning about it now and the 15 of Septemeber has already passed. Please inform me on your next journey into “Die Spookbus” Thank you

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