Reasons why Primates should not be advertised as Pets

As part of Junk Mail leading the charge against safer pet advertising policies, primates like monkeys, marmosets, tamarinds, macaques, bush babies, lorises and chimpanzees can no longer be advertised on Junk Mail.Protect our Primates

Read the below reasons why primates should not be advertised as pets as listed on Monkeyland:

  1. There are legal problems. Buying a monkey has become increasingly difficult because of international, national and local laws regulating and preventing the sale or importing of monkeys. It’s complicated and these laws will (hopefully) only become stricter. Dealing with illegal monkeys can be a very serious offense, and you could end up in jail.
  2. It’s Expensive. Monkeys, properly cared for, are very expensive. A chimpanzee? Forget it! They are very expensive to purchase, you need special permits (a zoo license) plus a huge cage, supplies and equipment. You would also have to provide space, cooling, heating, light and a specialized and expensive diet. If someone is selling a monkey cheap you can bet that this is an older, hybrid, or sickly monkey and one which most certainly will have behavioural problems.
  3. It’s not good for the monkey. Monkeys are susceptible to human illnesses and can so easily hurt themselves in or around a human environment. The circumstances will most likely be stressful for the monkey, they require constant intellectual stimulation. The odds are stacked against them. As intelligent beings, an unnatural environment may cause them to have psychological problems. Taking care of a stressed-out, scared or sick monkey is not fun.
  4. It’s Time Consuming. Like traveling? You can forget about that if you own a monkey and most other hobbies you might have. Monkeys need attention all the time, they don’t read books or watch TV.
  5. What if you acquired a monkey and can no longer can care for it? Some monkeys can live 40 years or longer.
  6. Monkeys get angry. Monkeys have teeth. All monkeys bite. Even with reduced teeth it will still hurt. If you take your monkey out in public, if it bites someone, it could result in the loss of your monkey and expensive medical costs (or even a lawsuit).
  7. Where will you buy the monkey? If you buy a monkey, even from a local breeder, you are increasing the demand, and are supporting the trafficking of monkeys (and wildlife in general). The treatment of trafficked wildlife is horrible.

As with primates, considering owning a pet is a long-term decision that cannot be taken lightly. Make sure you do research on the type of pet, the specific breed and only when you are sure you have found the perfect type of pet for your household, contact an animal shelter and your local SPCA to adopt a pet in need of a good home!


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