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If you’ve been on the hunt for property to rent you may have seen a few ads that contain the words “garden flat to rent”. Now many know what this is, but there are others that don’t, so in an effort to educate you, I’ll give you a breakdown about what garden flats are and what it would be like to live in one.

Garden flats, simply put, are small cottage-style houses that are usually found on a bigger property. Due to South Africa’s troubling economic situation, many households are having to seek alternative ways to find extra income and with larger properties, ones that do have an extra house or flat, it makes sense to rent it out. This means, should you choose to rent a garden flat, ninety percent of the time you will be living alongside and in close proximity to your landlord.

The Good and the Bad

Property-to-Rent-in-SouthAfricaNow this has both good and bad aspects. The good being rent for garden flats is usually cheaper and is widely used by students and young people just starting out in the business world. The bad, as previously mentioned, means you live very close to the owners who you’re renting from which means you will have to watch how you live and you’ll have to watch how loud you are. Another good aspect, especially for students and the parents thereof, is that you know there will always be someone close by to keep an eye on you and, should anything unfortunate happen, you’ll be close to people that can help.

Unfortunately, not all landlords are fun to be around and unfortunately, some are extremely hard to live with. They may have archaic rules, they may have massive dogs that will want to bite you at every possible opportunity, they may have cats that run amok and they may even attempt to restrict your comings and your goings. If this is the case, then you’re very unfortunate. But luckily, most people who decide to rent out there garden flats, know that they are simply landlords and not feudal lords with the final say in everything and will allow you to live your own life.

It’s Your Decision

At the end of the day, the decision to rent a garden flat must be your own and if you are wondering where to find garden flats to rent in South Africa, you’ll be able to find them on the Junk Mail website. Some are good and some are bad but a home will always be a home and it will always be better to rent somewhere cheap and safe, which garden flats usually are. So if living in a garden flat sound like something you’d enjoy, have a look at the Property to Rent section of Junk Mail and you’ll find hundreds of them.

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