PS3 so much more than just a gaming system

If you are a console gamer with a PlayStation 3 you know that it so much more than just an awesome gaming system. Allowing you to do so much, the PS3 for sale is a great option – especially if you don’t want to fork out close to R 6 000 for a PlayStation 4 console.


You can expect a PlayStation 3 price tag of between R 2 987.99 (12 GB Slim Console) and R 3 846.00 (500 GB Slim Console). Note that you can also find a second-hand console for sale on Junk Mail! Here you can expect a PlayStation 3 price tag starting at around R 1 799.00.

What you can do with a PS3

The PlayStation 3 for sale might not be the newest console available from Sony, but it is definitely not outdated. Doubling as an awesome entertainment system, this console is a must if you love watching your movies in crisp, clear high definition display.


Playing your Blue-Ray collection, also know that you can enjoy your Blu-Ray 3D movies, filmed in stereoscopic 3D, on your console as well.

Do you own a PS Vita? Good News! The PlayStation 3 offers awesome cross-platform features such as Remote Play (allowing you to play your games via a PS Vita), Cross-Save (allowing you to save a game on your console and continue playing on your PS Vita) and Cross-Control (allowing you to control your game on your console via your Vita).


Cross-Play (allowing you to go head to head with mates playing on their PS3 consoles) and Cross-Buy (meaning that, when you buy a game for your PS4, 3 or Vita, you get that same title free or at a discounted price) are also cool features.

The PlayStation Network is also a cool feature offered by Sony for console gamers. Not only giving you access to free-to-play content, it gives you the opportunity to join the PlayStation gaming community. On the PlayStation Network you will also be able to send messages to friends, compare your achievements and even be kept up-to-date with your friend’s latest activities.


Other cool features of this console includes the ability to browse the web, store your photos and videos and even listen to your favourite music.

PS3 Accessories

Because no console gaming experience is complete without the proper accessories, it is important that, when you do find a PS3 for sale, you find awesome accessories to create an epic experience.

Sony has you covered in terms of sound in the form of the Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0. Designed for the PS 3, 4 and Vita, this headset allows for rich, stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound. With the internal microphone, co-opting has never been more fun.


This headset not only has a foldable design for easy packing, but also features a rechargeable battery (lasting for up to eight hours) and pre-set sound modes designed for gaming, music and movies.

Feel like you are part of the action with the DualShock 3 wireless controller for your PlayStation. Using Bluetooth technology, this controller features SIXAXIS motion technology and buttons sensitive to pressure.


You can even use the USB cable to play and charge your controller at the same time.

Fun Fact: The PlayStation 3 for sale supports up to 7 DualShock 3 wireless controllers at the same time, allowing for an epic gaming night no one will soon forget.

Another great accessory for your PlayStation is the PlayStation Move. This quirky little accessory is awesome if you love to move, giving you a full body movement gaming system that effortlessly fit into your hand.

PS3 Games for sale

If you are looking for amazing PS3 games for sale, this console will definitely not let you down. With amazing titles to choose from, you are sure to find amazing games for every personality and adventurer.

Some of the newer PS3 games out now include:

The Last of Us (Game of the Year Edition)

From the creators of Uncharted, The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic city where you will get your fix of great character development, adventure and survival. With great animation and stunning lighting, you are in for a visually appealing game that will challenge you in its open spaces as well as maze like corridors.


Some of this game’s features on the PS3 for sale includes vibration functions, between four to eight network players and a single player mode.

Rating: PEGI 18

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition

You either hate or love Minecraft – but if you love it, Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition is a must-play. In a world where you can do what you want, construct architecturally magnificent buildings, dig down or build up, this adventure is for young and old alike.

Gather materials, avoid the Creepers and move without limits in a world you can shape using simplistic tools.

With up to four players, you can either enjoy Minecraft from your console or, or play with between two and eight network players – the choice is yours.

Rating: PEGI 7

Little Big Planet 3

If you love the adventures of Sackboy, you simply can’t miss Little Big Planet 3. Developed by Sumo Digital, this game takes you into the Imagisphere where you will go on an adventurous discovery of planet Bunkum.

You will also meet some awesome new friends in the game and have the opportunity to imagine and broadcast your own creations. Also be sure to check out the LittleBigPlanet Community for user generated games and levels.

This game has vibration functions and allows for between two to four network players on the PlayStation.

Rating: PEGI 7

Beyond: Two Souls

Another one of the great PS3 games for sale, Beyond: Two Souls was developed by Quantic Dream and takes you into the life of Jodie Holmes – a women with a psychic link to an invisible entity. Taking you through her life, you have the opportunity to shape your own journey, making decisions throughout.


Emotional and intriguing, this action game takes on the shape of a psychological thriller. On the PlayStation 3 this game is motion sensitive, has vibration functions and allows for up to two players.

Rating: PEGI 16

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

If you are a LEGO fan and just love LEGO themed games, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is a definite must-play game. Developed by TT Games, this action packed adventure is a good pick for young and old.

Stopping Brainiac is your mission. You will pair up with other super heroes from the DC Universe to stop the Brainiac from shrinking earth and adding it to his collection of miniature cities.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham allows you to unlock and play with over 150 characters – including Justice League members and Solomon Grundy.

Rating: PEGI 7

Apps Galore

The PlayStation 3 for sale is not only an amazing gaming console but, with a couple of apps, becomes a multimedia system you can appreciate and enjoy.

Some of the Apps available for your console includes:

  • YouTube – No need to switch from your TV to your PC. This app allow you to watch your favourite channels and browse videos on YouTube, straight from your console.
  • TuneIn – An app that gives you access to online radio stations from around the world.
  • MUBI – A film app that gives you access to classic, cult and award winning films.
  • VidZone – This allows you to manage your own library of music videos.
  • IGN – Get the latest gaming news, reviews and trailers.

TOP TIP: When you do decide to buy a console, try to find a package deal. A great deal will include awesome games and accessories that are still in good condition.


Now that you know how powerful a PS3 really is, why not find a PS3 for sale on Junk Mail. With a number of affordable options to choose from, you are sure to find a console that is perfect.

Don’t forget to find PS3 games for sale as well!

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