The quick A to Z of fishing terms for beginners

Fishing is amazing as a sport or even for leisure and relaxation. For fishing professionals certain terms and fishing objects have become very common. But for an avid angler, they might make no sense at all, so here is a list of fishing terms to start you off:


Algae: Plant organisms that can be found in ponds and lakes.

Angler/angling: Angling is another word for fishing and an angler is a person who fishes.

Bait: At hopes of catching a fish, you need food or some substitute to lure in fish. It can be worms, insects etc.

Bait casting: Fishing with a revolving spool reel and bait casting rod. The reel is mounted on the topside of the rod.

Catch and release: For fishermen, the pleasure of fishing comes from just catching a fish and rather than keep it, they return the fish in the water.

Drifting: A method of fishing where the angler allows the boat to drift in the wind. Usually involves using live bait.

Flies: Can be bait made from fur, hair, feathers or synthetics tied to hooks. They are intended to resemble insects, larvae and mostly used in fly-fishing.

Fly-fishing: It is a fishing technique where anglers use a special light, springy fishing rod (called a fly rod) to cast either live or imitation flies tied to a hook. A preferred trout-fishing method.

Leader: Is the length of monofilament, a wire or other stranded material tied between the end of the line and the lure or hook. It helps for extra strength and guard when having to deal with sharp teeth or rough mouths of fish.

Life jacket: If you are going fishing, you are required to have a wearable life jacket for each person on board the boat. They are important to ensure your safety and that of other people.

Livewell: It is a compartment inside the boat that keeps the water that will be used to keep fish that you have just caught, alive. This is to prevent from transporting harmful invasive species.

Reel: A mechanical device that holds fishing line and is attached to a fishing rod. There are numerous types of reels, such as spin-casting, spinning, bait-casting and fly-casting. For a beginner the choice of a spin-casting reel can be very easy to use.

Rod: The pole part of a fishing pole.

Shimano: Are fishing tackle manufacturers. You can find distributors for the fishing equipment all over the country or find them for sale online.

Slip-sinker: A sinker that slides up and down on the line rather than being locked in place.

Tackle: A term that is used to refer to fishing equipment.

Trolling: Is the act of fishing from a moving boat. While the boat is moving the bait is cast behind, Live or crank baits are preferred for this type of fishing.

Zooplankton: Are small aquatic animals that are suspended or swim in water.

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